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How to obtain a certificate of state registration of rights

How to obtain a certificate of state registration of rights

Certificate of state registration of rights is an official document.

It confirms that your property hasproperty: house, land, apartment, garage, non-residential premises, and that the record on this in due course entered into the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property and transactions with it (the Unified State Register).

When you want to obtain a certificate of state registration of rights

Since the certificate is a confirmation ofthe relevance of the information about the property, included in the Unified State Register, all current changes will also be made to the registry, as evidenced by the issuance of a new certificate. Therefore, if the redevelopment or merged apartments has been made in the apartment, you will need to register the change and obtain a new certificate for a new, in fact, the real estate.
This document will need to re-draw ifthere was a change of ownership or has replaced the passport data, it has been issued the right to inheritance or property transferred to another owner as a donation. The basis for obtaining a certificate is also the loss or the need to replace the certificate the old model to the new, approved by the RF Government Decree № 219 in February 1998. Get the certificate is necessary and, if it had not been formalized at the time of the transaction, in the case where it is necessary to register the ownership of apartments in the HOA or HBC.

The procedure for obtaining a certificate of state registration of rights

These certificates are issued in the territorialdepartments of state registration of the Federal Service, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr). Refer to the receipt certificate is any natural person who is the owner of the property, as well as owners of other types of rights thereto (lease, sublease, hiring and so forth.). This document may only be issued to the legal owner at the moment of registration of the right, and in the case where the document has been lost, but the rights to real estate is still left for him. The presence of this right easily confirmed by the entries in the Unified State Register.
When the property is in commonshared ownership, each owner gets his hands on a copy of the certificate, where its share is listed. On the back of this document is a list of all the other shareholders, with their passport data and share in the common property. If the property is owned by spouses on the right of joint ownership, a certificate will be issued in a single copy, but as owners on the front side is a list of all owners of the property.
On the property being in common use,owners of apartments in apartment buildings separate certificate is issued. Belonging to them share in the common property is registered in the certificate to the apartment, which is in their ownership.

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