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How to get a certificate of absence of tax debt


How to get a certificate of absence of tax debt</a>

In many cases, legal entities and individuals need a certificate of absence of debt.

It is required for registration of a loan, participation in tenders, issuance of a license, withdrawal from citizenship, etc. To receive this document, write to the tax request with the corresponding request.

You will need

  • - application for a certificate of absence of debt-
  • - passport.



Unified inquiry form forThere is no debt as such. So the application for issuing the certificate can be written in any form on the organization's form, indicating its name, tax ID and types of taxes, calculations on which & nbsp-need to check. The application is made by the head and the chief accountant. For the basis of the application, you can also take appendix 8 to the Administrative Regulations approved by the Ministry of Finance on January 18, 2008 No.9n.


After & nbsp- receiving the application in the tax youMake up the reconciliation report in form 23-a, where the state of settlements with the budget for each type of tax is displayed. & Nbsp- If the information of the tax authority coincides with the data submitted by the taxpayer, the reconciliation procedure ends, and the taxpayer is given one copy of the act. The second remains in the tax. The act is sealed by the signatures of the tax inspector and the taxpayer.


In case of revealing discrepancies, the taxpayer must be presented to the tax payment documents specifying the situation.


Within 10 days from the date of receipt of the request forIssuing a certificate of absence of debt & nbsp-tax authorities must do it. But in & nbsp- cases of detection of the debt, the period of its issuance may be delayed, since the taxpayer will have to pay off his debts to the state, and then receive the relevant document.


Note: If there is even a small debt in the amount of several rubles or kopecks for the company or person, the certificate will contain a record of "unfulfilled obligations for payment of taxes."


The reasons why in the presence of debtThe certificate can be issued, given in paragraph 2 of the Guidelines for completing the certificate. To get help without unnecessary red tape, ask the tax inspectorate about the arrears behind you or your organization and try to repay them.

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