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How to obtain a certificate of land ownership

How to obtain a certificate of land ownership

The certificate of ownership of land issued by the Federal epravlenii state registration center after the registration of the submitted documents.

To formalize ownership, must collect a number of documents to address in the specified area with the application, submit documents and present a receipt of payment for the registration.

You will need

  • - Your passport-
  • - Legal documents on the Plot
  • - The decision of the local administration (if the ball land on lease) -
  • - Extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plana-
  • - A statement in regtsentr-
  • - Receipt of payment of registration fee.



If you purchased land by 31 January 1998ie before the entry into force of the Federal Law 122-F3 for compulsory registration of transactions and registration certificate of ownership, then you should put a lot on the cadastral registration, cadastral passport issue. To do this, it needs to carry out surveying procedure and obtain technical documents, which will be registered in the Land Committee.


Refer to the Federal epravlenie on a singleregistration of land plots, Cadastre and Cartography, apply to the challenge of cadastral engineer, the specialist had a list of necessary work, on the basis of which you will be given the technical documents on the site.


Engineer hold inventory boundary, will bescheme will make a topographic survey area. But before he began to work, show him a copy of the cadastral plan of the scheme, which will be given to you in the local administration.


Make a written act of matching boundariesbetween areas with all the owners of the adjacent plots. This act make up in writing, specify the names of all the neighbors, home address and their consent to the tagged boundaries. At the bottom put the numbers and signatures of all parties, which made coordination.


With the documents obtained from the Engineercadastre, harmonization with the act, contact the Land Committee. Put your site on the account, it will draw on the cadastral passport. Get an extract from a passport and a copy of cadastral plot plan.


Refer to the registration center, writestatement, present your passport, all received documents, documents of title to land. After one month you will be given a certificate of ownership.


If your site has been prepared for rent, then toto issue it in the property, in addition to the above documents you need the decision of the local municipality about the transfer of ownership of the site. When submitting documents to the registration cent attach ruling administration.

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