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How to get a certificate of land ownership


How to get a certificate of land ownership</a>

A certificate of land ownership is issued in the Federal Office of the State Registration Center after registration of the documents presented.

In order to formalize the right of ownership, a number of documents should be collected, the application should be submitted to the specified center, the documents should be submitted and a receipt for registration paid.

You will need

  • - Your passport-
  • - title documents on the site-
  • - the decision of the local administration (if the site is a ball in rent) -
  • - an extract from the cadastral passport and a copy of the cadastral plan-
  • - an application to the recenter-
  • - receipt of payment for registration.



If you purchased the site before January 31, 1998,That is, before the entry into force of the Federal Law 122-F3 on compulsory registration of transactions and registration of a certificate of ownership, you should place the land in the cadastral register, issue a cadastral passport. To do this, it will be necessary to carry out the surveying procedure and obtain technical documents that you will register in the Land Committee.


Contact the Federal Office for Single Use.Registration of land, cadastre and cartography, apply for a cadastral engineer's call so that the specialist carries out a list of necessary works on the basis of which you will be issued with technical documents for the site.


The cadastre engineer will conduct a survey,Scheme, make a topographical survey of the area. But before he starts to work, show him a copy of the scheme of the cadastral plan, which you will be given in the local administration.


Make a written act of agreeing bordersBetween sites with all owners of adjacent sites. This act should be made in a simple written form, specify all neighbors, home address and their agreement with the marked borders. At the bottom, put the number and signatures of all the persons with whom the agreement has been made.


With the received documents from the engineer forCadastre, with the act of reconciliation, contact the land committee. Your site will be registered, it will be issued a cadastral passport. Get an extract from the passport of the site and a copy of the cadastral plan.


Contact the registration center, writeApplication, present your passport, all received documents, title documents to the site. In one month you will be given a certificate of ownership.


If your site was leased, thenFormalize it in ownership, in addition to these documents, you will need a local municipality decree to transfer the land to property. When submitting documents to the registration center, attach the decision of the administration.

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