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Duties of the management company

The duties of the management company

It is not always residents of apartment buildings in the course of duties for caretakers companies.

For this reason, companies are sometimes unable to perform their duties to the fullest.


According to Russian law, the dutiesthe management company should be reflected in the apartment building management contract. This Agreement shall be in writing and signed by the managing company and the owners of apartments in the house. One of the copies must be kept by the management company, and the other - from the owner of the premises, but this is not always the case. In the absence of the owner of property instance he has the right to send a written request to the company for caretakers to get agreement and application.
As stated in Part 2 of Article 162 of the Housing CodeRF management organization shall, within the period specified in the contract to perform work and provide services for maintenance, operation and repair of the common property of the house owners provide public services and to carry out other necessary activities. Terms of the agreement say all the tenants in the course of the general meeting when they have chosen a way to manage and control the organization.
The contract shall include:
- The address of the apartment building and the composition of its total imuschestva-
- List of communal services-
- A list of works and services for the repair and maintenance of the common property, the procedure for amending this perechnya-
- The procedure for determining wages for the repair and maintenance of premises and utilities, as well as the procedure for making platy-
- The procedure for monitoring the implementation of the management company of its obyazatelstv-
- Duration of the contract (at least one year and not more than five years).

Main responsibilities

Here is just a partial list of services that are required to carry out the management company and which should be prescribed in the contract:
- To ensure the proper maintenance of the common property of the house in accordance with the agreement referred to in the list of services and workers
- To ensure the supply of water, sewerage networks for in-house, the supply of energy (electricity, gas, heating) -
- Monitor the quality and quantity of supplied resursov-
- To organize maintenance work,preparing the house and yard area for seasonal operation on their own or with the assistance of other organizations-contractors: cleaning and sanitary maintenance, garbage collection, maintenance of fire protection systems, ventilation and elevators, landscaping care and ozeleneniem-
- To carry out the acceptance of the executed works contractors, check their quality-
- Organize the capital and current remont-
- Carry out inspections, to conduct the technical documentation for buildings and facilities, communications, the rest obektam-
- The allocation of budget funds management companies - to follow their rational and targeted ispolzovaniem-
- Calculate and record payments for services ZHKH-
- Exercise control service at home for the timely liquidation of emergency situatsiy-
- Control the process of conversion of premises in the house to prevent uscherba-
- To communicate with the population with regards to compliance with the rules of electrical safety, fire safety and the application of systems engineering equipment,
- To consider complaints from residents and to respond to them, eliminating maintenance deficiencies.

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