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OBESITY in children


Obesity in children</a>

An urgent problem around the world is obesity in children and adolescents.

This disease is especially acute in developed countries.

With a rapid rhythm of life, people get used toPrepare food from semi-finished products, eat quickly, "on the go" and accustom to this of their offspring. Therefore, the number of overweight children is steadily increasing.

Parents should be aware of the prevention, the causes and the possibility of treating this disease.

Causes of obesity in children

In Russia, according to statistics, 30% of children aged 5Up to 7 years have a weight exceeding the norm. The external and most significant main cause of obesity is the unbalanced nutrition of children. Many young mothers from the time of their birth transfer their babies to artificial feeding. But scientists have found that feeding infants with artificial mixtures increases the likelihood of obesity in children in adolescence. Parents who teach their children to harmful foods such as fast food, chips, lemonade, as well as to excessive consumption of sweets, put them at risk of gaining excess weight.

The sedentary lifestyle exacerbates the problem. Often children already from preschool age play computer games for a long time, watch TV and play little in outdoor outdoor games. Thus, the young organism does not consume the amount of calories that it consumes. These two factors can cause alimentary obesity.

You can not exclude the internal cause of obesity,That is, natural factors. If one of the relatives is obese, then the child can genetically have a predisposition to fullness from him. Also can affect and various endocrine diseases associated with the adrenal gland, thyroid, ovaries and pituitary gland. This obesity is called endocrine.

One reason for the accumulation of excess fat inThe body is psychological. If a child is accustomed to "jam" his difficulties with a lot of tasty food, the risk of developing his obesity increases.

The consequences of obesity in children

Children who are obese, in the first placeAre at risk of various diseases: diabetes, asthma, early puberty, skin infections, hypertension, gastrointestinal diseases, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and many others.

In addition, young "fat people" tend to sufferRidicule from peers. In this regard, many of them develop low self-esteem, anxiety, deformed character traits. They may not successfully prove themselves in school, avoid contact with peers. All this as a result can lead to depression, which is very dangerous for the child's mental development.

How to identify obesity in a child

Visually or from a photo, it is impossible to determine the presence of extra pounds in a child. Because at some stages of their development, children and adolescents may have excess weight, especially girls.

You can set the body mass index by tables. They show the child's age, body weight and centipedes, which indicate the average percentage of children who have a body weight less than the body weight in the graph.

For example, with a body weight between 85 and 95 centilesChildren and adolescents are at risk of developing obesity. And if the number exceeds 95, then the child, most likely, suffers from excessive weight. The degree of obesity is determined by consultation with a doctor. Usually this is a comparative analysis of the weight of a child with an average statistical rate.

Most precisely, the presence of excess weight in a child can only be determined by pediatricians. They will be able to take into account the constitution of the child, his growth, muscle mass and bone structure.

Treatment of obesity in children

After finding out the causes of child obesity, parentsShould take measures to recover the child. To do this, the whole family must adhere to a healthy diet, enriched with the necessary trace elements and vitamins, to limit the use of harmful food and nutrition outside the home. Food should not be an element of encouragement or punishment. It is necessary to control the amount of food eaten per day by a child. That is, you can feed the child often, but in small portions. It is necessary to teach the children to eat without hurrying, thoroughly chewing every piece. In no case should you criticize a child for being overweight.

The cure of endocrine diseases, which are the cause of child obesity, is the most important task of parents on the way to the normal weight of the child.

It is necessary to ensure that the child regularlyExperienced physical exertion, often played on the street. In the family circle, this is much more interesting. It is possible to involve children in simple domestic and agricultural work. It is useful to go camping together, play mobile games, and practice daily sports exercises. The main thing is that these activities bring the child positive emotions. The goal of parents is not to lose kilos at any cost, but to gradually change the lifestyle and nutrition of all family members for better health.

Medicinal preparations and surgical intervention to children usually do not apply, as the consequences of their influence on the children's body are not fully understood.

Prevention of obesity in children

It is parents who are the role modelsThe child from the first days of his birth. Therefore, the family must initially adhere to an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, a married couple must get rid of bad habits even before the appearance of the child: eating food in front of the TV, a long stay at the computer, the abuse of fatty and fried foods.

Healthy children usually intuitively feelsaturation. So do not force them to eat until the end, if only the plate was empty. Parents, sitting at the table with the children, should teach the child to eat, slowly. Do not put under the ban of sweets, but simply limit their use. Abundant gluttony also does not benefit anyone, even on holidays.

The positive climate in the family, mutual support of its members contribute to the harmonious mental development of the child, and hence to good digestion and healthy appetite.

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