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Nutty hair mask

Nut mask for hair

Nut mask for hair to strengthen hair. Walnut ancient times was considered a beauty product, since it includes a lot of nutrients and the right fats.

After applying a mask hair become better than after the cabin.

You will need

  • - 100 g of nuts
  • - Article 0.5. yogurt
  • - 1 tbsp. l. honey



Nuts ground in a blender for about 5 minutes. They have to turn into an oil mixture. Put them in a bowl.


Melt the honey in a water bath. Its temperature should not exceed 40 degrees. Add honey to the nut mixture.


Kefir Warm to room temperature and add the remaining ingredients, mix well.


Wash the head with warm water, dry up easyhumidity. Apply a first mask for the hair at the roots, and then the entire length of the strands. Pay attention to the tips, they should be well moistened mask. This will prevent further hair section.


Wear a swimming cap and wrap head with a towel. Hold the mask 60-90 minutes.


Rinse the head with a mild shampoo or egg yolk. A few days try not to use shampoo.

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