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NUANCES selection conditioner

Nuances conditioner selection

In the hot season it is difficult to do without air conditioning. Until relatively recently, this device can be found except in administrative and public buildings.

Now they are equipped with many apartments and private homes, and even in countries with relatively cool climate, including in Russia.

After all, we happen to periods of very hot weather, when literally can not breathe.

However, to choose a good air conditioner, you must first think over and make inquiries.

What should be guided before buy air conditioner

When selecting the air conditioner, especially, of course,pay attention to the production of known, proven manufacturing companies. The undisputed leader among them is the Japanese company Daikin, where air conditioners are considered standard of quality, reliability and durability. A very good tools and a number of other manufacturers, for example, the company Kentatsu. They are efficient, cost-effective, low noise, in a contemporary design style. A good reputation and enjoy the air conditioning of some Chinese firms - for example, such as Midea. In any case, try to learn more about the producers, read the reviews about the air conditioning, ask friends and acquaintances about the quality of products.

However, to determine the desired manufacturerair conditioner, it is only the beginning. The question immediately arises: what kind of power the device you need, how to choose it? After all, if you buy too powerful air conditioner, pay the extra money, and then will still pay for the excess electricity they consumed. If you buy too small device, it will not be able to cool the room to a comfortable temperature. So remember that the power of the air conditioner should be 1/10 of the area of ​​your living room or the room where it will be installed. For example, if you plan to cool the living room area of ​​22 square meters, you will need the unit capacity of 2.2 kilowatts.

Of course, this is only an approximate value of. The required capacity of the device varies slightly, depending on several factors, and you can feel free to purchase the air conditioner in the range, for example, 2.0-2.4 kW.

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What conditioners found on sale

Until recently, mostcommon type of air conditioner was a window. To install, required to cut a hole in a glass, or a thin (non-carrier) wall. Most of the unit, including the massive and noisy compressor unit, was exposed to the street, leaning on a metal frame, a stand or attached to the wall or to the window unit. a control panel faceplate to stay indoors.

The advantages of this type of air conditioner weresimple design and low cost. Disadvantages - quite a loud noise (despite the fact that the compressor was out of the room) and a violation of the thermal insulation. However, in areas with mild winters are monobloc air conditioners are still very popular.

By monobloc air conditioners, except for the window,They are also mobile. They are lightweight, take up little space and can be installed in any room. In addition, it is the only type of air conditioner that you can install yourself (connect it to the power supply).

Disadvantages of such air conditioners are as follows: low power, and quite a lot of noise in the room.

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All other air conditioners are socalled "split-system", that is, to systems with separate housings. Compressor unit of the air conditioner is in the same housing, control panel and shtorki- "stub" - in another. Therefore, a split system low noise and take up little space in the rooms. As a general rule, to cool the air in small flats and houses using wall air conditioners. They have a number of indisputable advantages: a relatively inexpensive, small-sized, powerful enough, well in harmony with the interior, easy to use.

Split systems of other designs - ceiling,channel or cassette. They are used only in a very spacious living areas, or when using a single instrument air must be cooled in several rooms, for example, throughout the apartment.

To purchase a good air conditioning, studycustomer feedback, make a presentation about the products of a particular company, and specific models. Especially in the era of the Internet to obtain such information is not difficult. In a word, act just like before buying any sophisticated appliance.

Often, potential customers is a question: whether to buy air conditioner with a cooling function only, or even with the air heating function? Here is oriented on the basis of their financial capabilities (because such air conditioners are much more expensive), and of the characteristics of the climate in your area. If you have a long winter and severe, and there are problems with heating, perhaps, is to buy more functional air conditioning. If, however, they are quite soft and short-lived, it is unlikely he will come in handy.

And, of course, do not forget to install the purchased air conditioning (except for the aforementioned mobile device) must be qualified, not you.

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