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Art Nouveau: a new solution for your interior


Art Nouveau is literally translated from French as"New art" and is an integral part of the well-known modernist style. Being an art direction in art, it became widespread in many European countries at the end of the XIX century.

Art Nouveau in the interior
The main feature of the Art Nouveau style is the completeThe absence of any angles or straight lines, they are cleverly replaced by natural and smooth ones. The basis of the style is the creation of a common natural space, consisting of flowing lines and teardrop shapes, rich forging of precious metals and colorful frescoes.
Interest in this style has not disappeared to the presentTime. Design solutions of the interior in the style of art nouveau, more and more often choose true connoisseurs of nature. In the interior, executed in this style, you will never meet rough lines or angularity. It is always a smooth, harmonious and almost unnoticeable "flow" of plant ornaments and animal figures, both in the interior decoration of rooms, and in furniture and paintings, emphasizing its naturalness and unity with nature.
Visiting card Art Nouveau by right can be calledWater plants, which include lilies, irises, algae and some others. Pictures with these plants will help create a unique atmosphere. Since one of the main components of the style is water, an aquarium with exotic fish or a fountain can be an excellent addition to the interior.
Colors are recommended to choose also in oneStyle. It can be both gold and silver. Gold will mimic the shine of water in the sun, and azure will remind you of the color of the water depths. To display silver shades, you can use color solutions in the fog style - silvery-lilac or pink and blue.
Furniture, created in the Art Nouveau style, should beIt was created exclusively from natural materials and decorated with elaborate carvings. You can additionally wrap it with silk, decorated with some kind of natural motif.
The final element of the interior can become paintings. When choosing, we recommend that you pay attention to the work of an outstanding artist who has worked in this style for many years - Alfons Mucha.
If you decide to change your interiorAt home and chose the Art Nouveau style, contact only experienced designers, since only a real expert will be able to convey the beauty and nobility of this magical style with utmost accuracy.

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