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Nordic walking with sticks: the rules and benefits

Nordic walking with sticks: the rules and benefits

Among the many amateur sports Nordic walking allocated originality. The point of the walk is to travel on foot, using special sticks that looks reminiscent of skiing.

This relatively new sport quickly became popular and widely distributed among those who seek to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nordic Walking in European culture

Nordic walking, which is also called theFinnish or Nordic walking, half a dozen years ago as an independent kind of amateur sport officially emerged. The idea to combine trekking with a support on the stick came up with the Finnish skiers who used when moving the traditional ski equipment.

It turned out that the summer training, mimic walking on skis, significantly improve the results of the athletes during the winter competitions.

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The initiative of professional athletes quicklyWe picked up Nordic Walking enthusiasts. Scandinavian or Nordic walking quickly began to spread to Scandinavia and Europe. Especially popular this application has won the sport in Germany, where there are special trails for a walk.

Today the name "Nordic walking"patented, universal benefit designed for this type of movement. Improvement of ski poles, which are now comfortable to hold in your hand, the creation of special simulators and other inventions have given new impetus to the development of Nordic walking. Everywhere organized sections and clubs of fans of this sport.

Benefits of Nordic Walking

Studies of German scientists found highWellness potential Nordic walking. When traveling with a support on the stick very well trained muscles of the arms, shoulders and upper back, while during normal walking or running these muscle groups is almost not used. Based on a stick, athlete reduces the load on leg, hip and knee joints. This allows us to recommend Nordic walking, those who suffer from diseases of the joints and musculoskeletal system.

When walking with sticks are utilized almost allmajor muscle groups that can burn not less calories than, for example, when practicing boxing or doing the exercises at the gym. That is why Nordic Walking is recommended to those who have a tendency to be overweight and want to lose weight quickly.

Regular workouts develop coordinationmovement and balance, as well as significantly improve your posture. In contrast to the movement to ski on the snow, here you do not have to fall frequently. Nordic Walking brings a walking workout comfort, even if you climb up the hill. This walking is universal and suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Contraindications to this type of physical activity can serve only as acute infectious diseases or exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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Nordic Walking Technique

Nordic Walking has its own rules andtechnique. From the side, it is very similar to the traditional walking. Hands, feet and body move simultaneously and freely. During movement it is recommended to put a foot on the heel, and then transfer the body weight on the toe. Movement should be smooth, do not pull the limbs and sticks to make jerks.

Before starting, one of the arms slightly bentelbow and slightly pull forward. Stick thus should be at an angle to the ground. Bent at the elbow, the second hand must be kept on the hip level, directing the stick back. If you run a group lesson, follow the precautions and kept a distance to a pointed stick does not cause injury to other athletes.

It is important to choose the right pace walk. Moving with sticks should be more intense than regular walking. The width of the pitch will determine the range of motion. Make sure that the load on the musculoskeletal system and the upper spine was not excessive. Once you understand that began to choke, make a stop and take rest. After a pause, driving can be continued to reduce the rate.

The different variants of steps technology. It is advisable to alternate fast and slow walking, small and wide step. Teach your body to work in pulsed mode, alternating different intensity. When walking, try to put your foot on the ground firmly, but not prishlepyvat. walk technique is largely determined by how faithfully on the growth picked up sticks. If they are too long, they may have to be shortened. The correct tools and equipment to make your walking tour is not only useful, but also comfortable.

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