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NIKI Botanical Garden


Nikitsky Botanical Garden</a>

The garden is located seven kilometers from Yalta, near the village of Nikita.

It was from the name of the village and the name of the botanical garden.



Nikitsky Botanical Garden - an amazing cornerThe Crimea. The Botanical Garden is not only a huge collection of plants from around the world, but also one of the oldest research institutions. The most luxurious period of the garden is from March to May, when most plants bloom in it, however, some species that are in the subtropical zone near the sea bloom here even in winter due to the warm climate.
The first botanical gardens in the area of ​​Alupka and ForosTried to lay Prince Potemkin - the largest landowner of Russia in the times of Catherine the Great. For the garden, a batch of plants and seeds was purchased from Constantinople, Smyrna and the Princes Islands. But the gardens were private, passed from one owner to another and by the beginning of the XIX century almost lost their importance. In 1812, in February, the Emperor Alexander the First issued a decree on the creation of a public economic garden near the village of Nikita in the Crimea. By the royal decree the garden was called "Tavrichesky". By the same decree, Christian Steven was appointed the director of the garden.


The garden smoothly descends to the sea, forming severalParks: Upper, Lower, Seaside, park at Cape Monteador. The upper park is divided on a flat surface and represents a place for recreation: there is a swimming pool and a summer theater. You can admire the rose garden next to the fountain, forged arches. Growing fan-shaped Chinese palm trees, Italian pine, cedar Lebanese. The rocky garden is a rockery, impressive with a collection of alpine herbaceous and woody plants. A diverse and beautiful collection of chrysanthemums will not leave indifferent any, even a professional florist. The lower park is a rocky slope, which is connected by winding stairs. It is in these places that valuable and rare ornamental trees are planted: cork oak, large-flowered magnolia, Japanese banana, Chinese ginkgo.
Particular attention is drawn to the olive grove. Along the avenues there is an abundance of flowering bushes: oleander, bougainvillea, purple. In this park there are a lot of water beautiful devices: there is also a cascading pool, on both sides that is framed by stairs, and a round pool with a fountain, decorated with water lilies. In the park there are natural water springs: streams, small waterfalls. The seaside park is located on the territory adjacent to the sea. It grows plants from the tropics, loving warmth and moisture. Park Montedor was created last. It is located on Cape Monteador. In general, heat-loving plants from the tropics predominate: cypress cypress, pine pitsunda, mammoth tree, gutta-percha.


Now the collection of the Nikitsky Botanical GardenIncludes more than 28,000 species, hybrids and varieties. Of particular value are trees and shrubs from the Mediterranean, North and South America, Asia, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and other subtropical regions of the Earth. The famous collection of Roses Nikitsky garden has about 2000 varieties of domestic and foreign selection. No less than roses, the autumn collection of chrysanthemums is known.

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