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NEW YEAR signs

New signs

New Year - the most long-awaited holiday, when even adults believe in miracles and become a bit superstitious.

1. How to celebrate New Year - so spend it.
Not worth the omen interpreted literally and think,that the whole year will have to drink champagne and sit at the Christmas tree. It is more concerned with the emotional state - it is necessary to meet the year in a good mood and in good company.

2. On the celebration of the new year be sure to wear something new, then the entire year will live in prosperity.
Women believe this omen is with great pleasure, because there is one more reason to buy a new dress.

3. It is desirable to meet the new year without debts, otherwise the whole year will be to borrow money.
Anyone who does not like to pay debts on time normally does not believe it.

4. Under the chiming clock is required to make a wish.
You can even write a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, and the ashes drink champagne together. If you want to attract wealth - during the battle chimes need to hold a coin in his left hand.

5. Be sure to make it up before the fight chimes with those with whom you are at loggerheads.

6. Prior to the meeting of the new year is better to get rid of old unwanted things.
Thus you release a place for everything new that comes to next year.

7. On the New Year's table have to be a lot of all sorts of treats.
It is a symbol of prosperity. It is also recommended to cover the table and white cloth on each corner under the tablecloth to put on the yellow coin, to attract money into the house.

8. In the kitchen it is necessary to leave a glass of wine and a bit of salad on the plate. For the brownie.
Then he would be kinder and protect your home all year round.

9. It is advisable not to go to sleep in the New Year's Eve, or you can sleep through all the fun in the new year.

10. If a woman till 12 o'clock at night will cover the shoulders with a tissue and remove it from the chimes - all hardships, failures and disease remain in the old year.

11. Meet outside big dog a good New Year's Eve - to happiness and success.

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