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Natural dyes hair

Natural hair dyes

Sometimes, every woman wants to have any changes in his appearance. One of the easiest ways of transformation is hair coloring.

But chemical dyes can worsen their condition. Even bezammiachnoy dyes contain a variety of substances, which is hardly helpful.

There is an optimal solution for those who want to change their image, while preserving the health of the hair.

This natural hair coloring agents.


This natural cher?ny dye obtained from the plant Indigofera. This plant has in its composition of matter that make hair stronger, smooth, elastic, shiny and strengthens the roots. Basma is perfectly safe and does not disturb the structure of hair.

With Basma, you can achieve different shadeshair - from light brown to deep black. Do not use basmu as an independent dye, it must be mixed with coffee or henna. Otherwise, you get a green or blue tint.

The result is highly dependent on the initial state andthe color of your hair. For example, by mixing henna and Basma 50/50 blonde get dark blond shade. For black henna be kept on the hair for an hour, and after washing to cause basmu 2 hours.


Henna is not only a dye but alsodrug. Get it from the leaves of lawsonite. The structure of hair henna does not penetrate, but only envelops the film, protecting and smoothing the scales. It makes curls elastic, healthy, shiny, stimulates growth and strengthens the hair.

Use henna dye or as an independentin a mixture of coffee, basmoj, black tea, chamomile and saffron. The result depends on the holding time, additives, the original color and condition of the hair. For example, light hair pure henna gives carrot-red color.


This tool helps to give a golden hueowners of blond hair. To do this, 3-4 times a week rinse curls of dried chamomile infusion. In addition, these procedures will help the hair to become silky, shiny and manageable.


Rhubarb is necessary to grind, mix 3 tablespoons gruel with a glass of water and boil for 20 minutes. The broth to cool, and then rinse their hair after shampooing. Through this means, blond hair will become blond hue.

Black tea

Tea is able to paint the brown hair in a brown tone, if 3 tbsp tea brewed in a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes, leave for an hour and apply on hair for 1.5 hours.

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