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How to name the accounting firm

How to name the accounting firm

They say: "How to ship call, so it will float." When naming the accounting firm should be carefully weigh and analyze, since success is not small details.

And the name of the company - it is a serious marketing tool.



When choosing a name you need to collect as much as possiblemore words that characterize the chosen field of activity: accounting, auditing, debit, credit, report, etc. It is advisable above 60... Then combine different names, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.


During the development of the name would not hurt to breakestimated the company name through the search engines, as now almost every company has a website on the Internet. This will allow you to avoid the matches and select the name of the domain. After developing several variants of the name arrange a "focus group": ask the persons concerned, which of the names they prefer.


Teach that the name should sound good, it is easyremember, do not be too long, different from existing brands (for it can even sue) and does not carry the negative sense. A common practice was to give the name of the companies by the names of the founders. But this is only useful when the owner's name is already weight: in this case, the authority of a person and to extend them named group. Very popular and phrases, the more they are remembered better than single words.


When the big competition in the market is convenient to call firm with the letter "A". So she immediately gets into your eyes when you open a business directory or directory. You can also take some sonorous foreign word. But in the accounting department of such common words, especially related to the selected activity, not so much. In addition, the internationalism in the appropriate names where you plan to enter the international markets, and in accounting for this you need to know the intricacies of the tax laws of other countries.


You can link to the company name of the area whereit is located, but it limits the space for its operations. In addition, the name of the accounting firm should not imply that it is at praviteltsvennoy. As the names using the words "parliamentary", "legislation", "State", most likely, it will be denied registration.

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