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How to name an accounting firm


How to name an accounting firm</a>

They say: "As a ship you will call, so it will float." When choosing the name of an accounting firm, you need to weigh everything and analyze everything, since success has no small details.

And the name of the company is a serious marketing tool.



When you select a name, you need to typeMore words that characterize the chosen field of activity: accounting, audit, debit, credit, report, etc. It is desirable above 60. Then combine different names, abbreviations, abbreviations, etc.


In the process of developing the name, it would not hurt to break throughThe alleged name of the company through the search engines, as now almost every company has its own website on the Internet. This will allow you to avoid coincidences and select a domain name. After developing several variants of the name, arrange a "focus group": ask interested persons which name they prefer.


Teach that the name should sound good, easyRemember, do not be too long, differ from existing brands (for this they can even sue) and not bear a negative connotation. It was a common practice to give names to firms by the names of the founders. But it is expedient only if the surname of its owner already has weight: in this case the authority of a person extends to the company named by him. Very popular and phrases, the more that they are remembered better than individual words.


With great competition in the market it is convenient to name Firm With the letter "A". So she immediately gets in the face when opening a business directory or directory. You can also take some sonorous foreign word. But in the accounting of such common words, the more connected with the chosen activity, not so much. In addition, internationalism in the names is appropriate when it is planned to enter international markets, and in accounting it is necessary to know the subtleties of the tax legislation of other countries.


You can link the company to the name of the company, whereIt is located, but this limits the space for its activities. In addition, the name of the accounting firm should not imply that it is under a government one. Since the names using the words "parliamentary", "legislative", "state", most likely, will be rejected at registration.

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