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HOW called photo album

What do you call a photo album

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On behalf of the dependent, and the fate of the other componentsour lives, for example, by courtesy. Virtual albums on social networks, forums, portfolios and other resources will be popular if they come up with the correct name.

When selecting this? Clothes, on which greeted photos, you need to be guided by several criteria.

You will need

  • Photo-
  • A computer with an internet connection.



The first and easiest way of choosing the name? determination of the date. This option is suitable if all the photos were taken on a single event (birthday, wedding, weekend barbecues, etc.). Can you name the album that same date (day, month, year) .Nedostatok option is that over time the memory is erased event participants the importance of a specific date (if the event is not an anniversary). Then, in the detailed description of the album, add specifics, for example: Skewers of sturgeon on the Volga, Speech in St. Petersburg on the Fontanka?.


Second choice? call the album name of the event. As in the former case, suitable only if pictures are created in a specific time interval. Examples: Dima Wedding, Birthday, etc. Wasi?
The detailed description can specify the people present.


If an album includes photographs taken on different days, but united by genre, title of this approach of the genre, such as: Portrait, Macro, Flowers, Insects of Karelia???.


Often photos is provided directoryservices, in particular, seamstresses and craftsmen jewelry. In such cases, the album may be called the representation of garments or jewelry:??? Necklace made of semiprecious stones, Belts, Clothing made of leather.

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