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How to name a raccoon


How to name a raccoon</a>

With such an active pet you definitely will notBored - get ready for nightlife. The peak of the life of a raccoon is 2-3 hours of the night, at this time he simply needs food, and he will look for it, destroying all obstacles between her, coveted, and yourself!

But, finding the prey, the raccoon does not calm down like other animals, it will wash the provisions clean and then eat.

And then go look for more!

You will need

  • - Raccoon.



There are no specific names and nicknames for raccoons- You can call them as you want. The name can arise from nowhere, at a time when your pet makes an especially memorable act. You can think of something consonant with their main feature - rinsing everything that fell into the clutches. In this case, name the female: Polly, Chistyulya, Mistress, Dosya. Male give the nickname: Mr. Muscle, Tide, Cleiner.

As they call animals


Like any animal, a raccoon is not indifferent to food inIts different manifestations - with the same pleasure he can eat a cake pulled from your nose, and sausage cleaning is not the first freshness, extracted from the trash can. For such gastronomic predilections bestow the beast of one of these names: Gourmet, Obzhorka, Batochik, Sausage, Puzik, Plushka, Rolltek, Perchik, Candy, Funtik, Marmalade, Iziumchik. In general, all euphonious product names can be safely used as a raccoon name.

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Raccoons - even those hooligans and schools, so callThey can also be: Prokhindey (Proha), Gangster, Candy, Prankster, Shalun, Vertichvostka, Podliza, Hitrug. On the peculiarities of raccoons to search for trash buckets you should not forget for a second, you just have to turn away, as you will see a pile of garbage scattered around and busily analyzing its animal. For this, call the raccoon: Inspector, Customs, Extractor, Plyushkin.

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To other animals in the house raccoons are fairlyAggressively, so do not rush to start another animal, without checking the holes of the first. & Nbsp- Zadirka, Aggressor, Ferocious, Alpha and Alpha, Byaka and Buka, Vlasta, Freestyle, Grizzly, Bug, Zorro, Pussy, Rats, Rambo, Sherhan - these are the names for your evil.

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If you have a very small raccoon, thenCall it like all touching and funny kids, and then you can give him another nickname when he shows himself and his character in all its glory. In the meantime, let the baby-raccoon be: Baby, Bunting, & nbsp-Fun, Fuzzy, Baby, Bead, Freckle, Egoza, Toffee, Crochet, Murzilka, Pisklya.

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