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How to name the toy terrier puppy


How to name the toy terrier puppy</a>

Since it is difficult to keep large dogs in an apartment, representatives of small breeds are very popular among the townspeople.

These include the Toy Terriers.

Despite the fact that the word "toy" from English translates as "toy", it is quite a full-fledged dog, beautiful companions and guards, funny, mobile and inquisitive.

Characteristics of the character of the toy terrier

The height of the toy terriers at the withers is about 30 cm, color- shades of brown tones. Outwardly, thanks to large bulging eyes and large standing ears, they resemble deer on their thin slender legs. This breed is considered decorative, so it feels great in an apartment, it can easily be accustomed to a tray, but it is not necessary to deprive them of walks that they like so much. Very fond of the owners. That dog that is separated from the master for several days, is a truly touching sight - his huge eyes seem full of tears. Can refuse food before the arrival of his friend.

For families in which there are small children, this breed is not very suitable, they are very noisy and easily legible in the literal sense - with inaccurate treatment, they can break the foot.

The character of this dog is cheerful and friendly,A bit restless. Toddlers are quite brave and, if not zagryzt, then they can smack a stranger from head to foot. Therefore, in an apartment they often perform the function of a doorbell and inform about the approach of guests even before they came to the door. Courage and courage, characteristic of the toy terriers, is given to them not easily - very often they tremble with fear or overexcitation, this is one of the signs of the breed.

How to choose a name for toy terrier

Calling a dog should always take into account the nature of its nature. Now that you know them, it will be easier for you to find the right name for both the girl and the boy.

Specialists say that dogs remember their name more easily if there is a "p" sound in it.

The simplest option, in the case when the dogAlready received a name from the breeder, to come up with her shortened diminutive-petting option. Since all the puppies in this litter are named for the same letter, you can come up with a brand new nickname, which will also begin with the same letter. Tojam, which until old age resemble toy dogs, is perfect for a nickname - the name of some cartoon hero: Bambi, Moxi, Barbie, Sandy, Pumba, etc.
The name should be short and easy enoughPronounced, remember that you have to repeat it several times, calling the dog for a walk. Do not give names, titles, King and Baron are more suitable for large, majestic dogs. However, if you like to joke, people will always smile at your dog, after hearing her nickname. You can see the list of names that are offered for the ones on the Internet and choose any one you like, by drawing lots.

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