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How to name the puppy of the terrier

What do you call a puppy toy terrier

Since the apartment is difficult to keep large dogs, representatives of small breeds are very popular among the citizens.

These include one-and terriers.

Despite the fact that the word "one" with the English translated as "toy", it's quite a full-fledged dog, wonderful companions and guards, funny, moving and curious.

Features of the nature of the terrier

The height of the toy terrier at the withers - 30 cm, color- Shades of brown tones. Externally, because of the large bulging eyes and large stand-up ears, they resemble a deer on his thin, slender legs. This breed is considered decorative, so great feel in the apartment, Toy can be easily accustomed to the tray, but deprive them of walks, which they are so fond of, should not be. Very much like the hosts. That dog, which separated from the host a few days is a really touching scene - his huge eyes filled with tears appear. It may refuse to eat before the arrival of his friend.

For families who have small children, this breed is not very suitable, toi very noisy and thin-skinned literally - when rough handling they may break foot.

The character of this dog cheerful and friendly,a little restless. Kids-toi quite brave and, if you do not tear, the bark at a stranger, guests can head to toe. Therefore, in the apartment they often function as a doorbell and report on the approximation of the guests even before they came to the door. Courage and bravery characteristic of the Terrier, is given to them is not easy - very often they tremble with fear or overexcitement, is one of the hallmarks of the breed.

How to choose the name of the toy terrier

Calling the dog should always be based on the features of her character. Now that you know them, it will be easier to find a suitable name for the toy-girl, and for toy-boy.

Experts say that the dog is easier to remember their names, if the "p" sound will be present in it.

The easiest embodiment in the case where the dogI have already received the name of the breeder, to come up with a shortened version of the diminutive. Because all the puppies in the litter are called to the same letter, you can come up with a completely new nickname, which will also begin with the same letter. Toyama, who until old age look like toy dogs, perfect nickname - the name of a cartoon character: Bambi, Moxie, Barbie, Sandy, Pumbaa and so forth.
Nickname must be sufficiently short and easyuttered, be aware that you will have to repeat it several times, beckoning the dog for a walk. Do not give the names, titles, King and Baron are more suitable large, imposing dogs. However, if you love to joke, people will always smile at your dog, heard her nickname. You can see a list of names, which are offered for Toy, on the Internet and choose from any favorite stretched lots.

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