Naivety - is it stupidity or purity of the soul? </a>

What is naivete? This is not an easy question.

Often it is compared with simplicity and inexperience. But if the child is simple, can you call it stupid?

But if a person is naive, who is already supposed to be a wise experience ...

Naivety and stupidity

So how does naivete relate to stupidity? It is necessary to start with the fact that each person's naivete manifests itself in his own way.
Until a certain age is naiveOf course, but after that it looks stupid and brings a lot of problems to a person. It is childlike naivety that can be considered true. But an adult who again finds himself in the same trap, looks more like an ostrich, who hides his head in the sand, not wanting to notice problems in the world around him.
Perhaps a person is simply unable to acceptImperfection of some aspect of reality. For example, it may take a long time not to notice all the signs of deception from your spouse. But then the "cup" overflows, and all the facts stand in front of the eyes at once. Then a man who looked rather naive before, suddenly understands the situation in its entirety. He can not be more naive.
If a person does not hurry to judge people andThe surrounding world, just accepting it as it is, it is also a manifestation of naivety. This is the so-called simplicity of judgments, which often contain truth. Knowingly the wise men always declare that most of all it is necessary to be assimilated to children whose naivety does not cause any questions.
But it also happens that a person "comes" onOwn naivete, like a rake. Over time, he either learns from his mistakes, or not, continuing to chop his forehead. Naivety does not involve serious reflection on the nature of some issues. Perhaps this is a virtue, but certainly not the one that is due to the intellect. Sooner or later, it will be necessary to think, and the longer it is postponed, the more naivety it becomes like a mistaken behavior.

Naïve as ignorance

Despite the fact that naivete is oftenThe manifestation of stupidity, if you are in some way naive, you should not be ashamed of it. There are many areas of activity in which everyone is naive. For example, starting to learn a new profession, you will look naive. But until you accept this and humble yourself, you will not master the new. Only realizing yourself as something that does not know, you can acquire new knowledge.
Lack of experience or knowledge is not stupidity. But the reluctance to learn this experience, although it has long been present in your life - is, of course, stupid. It's also not too smart to pretend to be an experienced person, if you yourself perfectly understand how naive your ideas about an area are.

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