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Naivete - is nonsense, or the purity of the soul?

What naivety? This is a difficult question.

It is often compared with the simplicity and inexperience. But if naive child, if you can call him stupid?

But if naive people who already supposed to be wiser ...

The naivety and stupidity

So how naive correlated with stupidity? To begin with, that the naivety each person manifests itself in different ways.
Up to a certain age to be naiveof course, but after it looks silly and delivers many human problems. That's childish innocence can be considered true. But an adult who again fall into the same trap, is more like an ostrich that hides its head in the sand, not wanting to notice the problems in the world.
Perhaps the person simply is unable to takeimperfection of some aspect of reality. For example, can long ignore all the signs of fraud on the part of her husband. But then the "cup" overflows, and all the facts stand before my eyes again. Then the man, before which looked pretty naive, suddenly understands the situation in its entirety. More it can not be called naive.
If a person is not in a hurry to judge people andthe world around us, just taking it such as it is, it is also a manifestation of naivety. This so-called simplicity of judgments, which often contains the truth. No wonder the wise men always say that most should be like children, whose innocence, no one raises questions.
But it also happens that a person "comes" at theown naivety as a rake. Over time, he or learn from their mistakes or not, continuing to break to pieces his forehead. The naivete does not involve serious reflection on the nature of some of the issues. Perhaps it is a virtue, but certainly not one that is caused by the intellect. Sooner or later you have to think about it, and the longer the delay is, the more naive becomes similar to an erroneous behavior.

The naivete of a lack of knowledge

Despite what is often naivea manifestation of nonsense, if you do something naive, do not be ashamed. There are many areas of activity in which everyone is naive. For example, starting to learn a new profession, you'll look naive. But as long as you do not accept it and do not humble yourself, you will not learn new things. Just realizing itself as something not knowing, you will be able to acquire new knowledge.
The lack of experience or knowledge is not stupid. But the reluctance to assimilate this experience, although it has long been present in your life - it is certainly nonsense. Also, not too clever to pretend experienced person if you understand perfectly how naive your ideas about a certain area.

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