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Myths and legends of the fern

Myths and legends of the fern

Fern has always been one of the most enigmatic and mysterious plants.

Scientists say that any one type of fern does not blossom in spite of this, it is with the flower of the plant is connected a lot of myths and legends.

As there were legends and myths about ferns

Why fern has attracted so much interest and why many people refer to it with some apprehension? The fact that Slavic legends about his blooming arisen in ancient times.

In ancient times, people have tried to explore the world with the help ofsuperstitions and beliefs. If they saw strange phenomenon for them, they immediately attributed magical powers to it. The Slavs did not understand how the plant can reproduce without flowers. Once all the vegetation blooms and fern does not, then he is certainly shrouded in mystery.

Fern flower

The first is related to the legend of fern flower. The Slavs believed that this plant is still blooming, but it happens only once a year and that on the night of Ivan Kupala. According to this legend, on Kupala night god Perun defeated demon draining. Perun send rain on the earth. At 12 o'clock at night on the fern flower bloomed, it lights up bright red flames. The earth opened up and all the treasures that have been hidden in it, became visible. After that, the fern blooms every year, but the eyes of ordinary people can not look at a bright light. In an instant, the flower goes out and disappears, as it can see only the worthy and chosen.

Fern associated with foresight. That is why a lot of people dream to get it. Even more trying to get to the magic flower evil spirits. One of the myths says that the one who decided to find a flower, it is necessary on the eve of Kupala night to find a fern bush. Around the plants should be spread out a tablecloth and a knife to draw a circle. Then you need to sit in a circle and looking at the bush, not taking his eyes. During the test, the plants will be walking around terrible monsters crawl poisonous snakes that cause the Braves in the most terrible fears. When the flower appears, it is necessary to quickly rip, cut his hand and put it into the bleeding wound. After that, people will begin to see all the secret and hidden.

According to another legend of the fern, poorfarmer was looking for on the eve of Kupala his cow, which wandered into the meadows. At midnight the man stepped over the ferns. At one moment in the bush blossomed wondrous flowers and caught his shoe. At that moment, man became invisible and could see his whole life. Not only did he quickly found a cow, but also saw the treasure buried in the ground. Taking off shoes at home, the farmer became visible again. Suddenly, there was a strange merchant who wanted to buy an old shoe. The man sold the shoe, and thus lost the flower of fern, forgot all about the treasures and treasure. The merchant is, in fact, turned out to be the devil.

Evidence about the flower fern not, but that does not mean that it does not exist. Maybe it's just no one could find.

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