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Myths about mortgage

Myths about mortgage

Mortgage - this is one of the popular bank loans. With the help of a mortgage you can purchase their own housing (in pledge the lender), while not having enough money.

Often, however, potential borrowers are guided by rumors and unverified information.

The first and most common myth "mortgage - this bondage"
So most people believe. This is due to the opinion that the payment of the mortgage loan will be a considerable amount of family income. Yes, the amount is not small, it's true. Mortgage in Russia expensive (10-12% per annum - in the best case) as compared to rest of the world (by 4%). On the other hand mortgages for many residents is the only option purchase their own homes, the cost of which is growing every year, and mortgage payments are reduced on the contrary.
When taking about taking your family mortgage solutionsCredit must be clearly aware of their financial capabilities. It is also worth thinking about the possible future repairs in the apartment, which also must be paid. In any case, the bank in the calculation of the monthly payment can not exceed the amount of 45-50% of your salary.
The second myth is related to the fear of loss
Borrowers very frightening potential lossas already paid the money, and the apartment, failure to comply with the terms of the contract. Overdue - the bank took the apartment. This is not quite true. Apartment for sale is the last thing the bank will go. Since the monthly payment on a mortgage for a long time - this is the bank's income. Therefore, the bank is not profitable to sell the apartment at once, which is acquired in the mortgage.
To start the bank will offer the borrower othersolutions to this problem. For example, debt refinancing on a mortgage or a restructuring. And if and when the measures adopted debt is not repaid, it has only the bank can collect the debt by selling the property. And, if after the sale and redemption of debt to the bank is a certain amount, these funds will be returned to the borrower.
The high interest rate because of the "conspiracy" of creditors
The interest rate on mortgage productsvarious banks really high. But the bank can not operate at a loss. If he accepts deposits at a rate of 8 to 12% per annum, respectively, the rate is below 12% for a mortgage loan can not be established. Also, the high interest rate is linked directly to inflation in Russia.
If you look at the summary table on interestrate mortgage products, you can even see some of their decline. This is due to the increased volume of mortgage loans. When there is demand for the product, there is a proposal. Accordingly, neither of which collusion can be no question.

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