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Myths about Finnish metal tile

Myths about Finnish metal tile

Finnish technology of construction materials are among the most advanced in the world.

The high demands of quality standards set out in this European country is the best guarantee.

Building material having a trade name "metal" was also invented in Finland, and today is widely used in Russia as a roofing.

What is a metal

In fact, it is profiled, galvanizeda steel sheet having a colored polymer protective coating. In Finland, the producers use a steel sheet 0.5 mm thick, which is galvanized and coated with a passivation layer, a primer layer and an external polymer coating. This technology provides a high quality, as the passivation layer protects the galvanizing against the damaging effects of chemical substances contained in the primer. It is necessary to improve the adhesion of the external polymer coating. In this capacity, the Finns used the Puranas and the usual matte polyester. Protective coatings of different quality, which is reflected in the metal price. To date, judging by the reviews on the forums on the Internet, on the primacy of the combination of price and quality belongs to the polymeric coating pural.

The outer cover and defines a period largelyService of roofing material that can withstand quite severe mechanical loads and damaging atmospheric influences. For example pural, polyurethane-based polymer, characterized by a high mechanical stability and insensitivity to direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, it does not burn and can withstand large temperature changes.

From what depends on the quality of metal

Though the roofing material is often called"Finnish", this is not always true. Today, when the metal is produced in many countries, few producers own colors and metal laminates - for this purpose there are related production, which may be located in other countries. For example, the Finnish company "Rukk" built in Ukraine for the production of metal works and delivers to him the raw material and coloring products are produced in Lugansk. Russian companies are often used for the production of metal sheets Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine, so you can sometimes hear the name - "Lipetsk metal."

Not all manufacturers of precisely observe technologyconstruction and approval of state standards, which of course affects the quality of the metal. For example, some Swedish and Russian companies offer rental, a thickness of only 0.4 mm, which makes them quite vulnerable products during installation. However, and in excess of the standard 0.5 mm is also not the best solution - in this case the rental has high rigidity, which creates additional difficulties in its processing and leads to distortion of the geometry of the profiled sheets. It then appears as a visible joints and a violation of the overall integrity of the roofing.

The roof covered with metal tile must necessarily be grounded, which is attached to the Lightning Protection grid.

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As seen from the above, the quality ofThe material that you will cover the roof of his house, is directly dependent on the manufacturer. Therefore, before buying is not out of place to read reviews on forums on the Internet and those imported Russian brands, which now offers the construction market, and only then turn to a proven producers, proven only with a good hand. Those companies, which allow the violation of technology, as well as assembly and packing errors, largely caused the occurrence of some of the myths about Finnish metal, which do not correspond to reality.

Truth and fiction about the Finnish metal tile

There is an opinion that really qualityFinnish metal produced in Finland very expensive. Yes, it costs a bit more expensive than the one that made the domestic companies of the metal produced in Lipetsk, but when you consider factors such as durability, resistance to external influences, as well as expenses for repair and restoration of the protective coating, as a result, it will cost you much cheaper than low-quality and inexpensive material.

When buying a Finnish metal ask the seller a certificate confirming its quality. They should also be mentioned basic technical and operational characteristics.

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It is believed that when laying metalthere is too much waste. Of course it is, if you buy a tile in the building market, counting the number of required material "by eye". In order not to spend the extra money and, in addition, greatly facilitate the installation process, metal roofing should be ordered from suppliers that will prepare you to set the desired guided shown roofing project.

Sometimes you can hear the raindrops produceloud noise, knocking drumming on the roof of metal. This can be attributed to shortcomings of the installation when it is not kept for the recommended distance between the bindings for the same reason between the sheets can flow into the water.

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