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Mode of the day in the garden and home

Mode of the day in the garden and home

Boating child in kindergarten brings many innovations in his life. All this is important to him, and sometimes difficult.

In addition to the new self-awareness, new responsibilities, new friends, games and activities, children's garden brings to life of the child and the new regime of the day.

Often it is a stumbling block on the way to a complete understanding between the teacher and the child.

Firstly, this early rise. For some children, it is in principle not a problem. But some children are used to wake up late. A sharp change in the morning wake up time is hard and not only bring pleasure, but also can lead to behavioral problems and even affect health.
Therefore, the parents of these children should be in advancebegin to teach a child to a specific routine. Of course, we should not simply one "perfect" day to raise the child for three hours earlier than usual. Lifting time needed to shift slowly, every day 10 minutes and after a while the child will wake up at the right time.
But the most important thing is not to wake up. It should be awakened child something to do. It is not just his parents raised so early. Every rise should be aware and bear for a something new and interesting. Then the child will wake up with pleasure. And it will not be useless heavy duty.
The second important change in the mode of the day -an afternoon nap in a kindergarten. It should also start to teach at this time in advance. Parents need to know the kindergarten schedule slowly and gradually adjust the daily routine of the child to the kindergarten regime. Then go to all the same familiar rituals, but at the new location will be less problematic for the child and for the parents to teachers.
Similarly, we can proceed and eventually receivefood. Then the child is already at the appointed time will experience the feeling of hunger. Problems at the caregivers with the child for breakfast or lunch will be much less. Even better, in addition to this, the child will be taught to eat a variety of foods. After all, in the kindergarten child have to eat soups and porridge, regardless of their personal preferences and habits.
But when the child already goes to kindergarten,forget about the day time is not necessary. Even at the weekend should be at least roughly to stick to it. Otherwise, the child's body will be after every weekend to experience a new stress associated with the next regime change.

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