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WHY the computer does not turn on


When the computer does not turn on, you need to check whether it is plugged in</a>

If the computer does not turn on, this can be a serious problem.

Perhaps the fault of all the network filter malfunction.

Or lack of electricity in the building. It is worth checking that the power cables are properly connected.

You can not exclude the failure of the computer itself.

Problems with food

Did you press the power button and the computer does not work? Do not rush to call a specialist. There is a high probability that the cause of the problem was a misunderstanding.
The computer may not work because of the banalLack of electricity. First, see if the switch on the mains filter lights. It could accidentally touch and lead to a non-working position.
If it's all right, you should check if the power plug is in the socket. If the computer is located in the office, the plug could have been accidentally pulled out during cleaning.
It does not hurt to check the power cord of the computer. Its plug must be inserted into the mains filter. If many consumers are connected to it, you can confuse the wires and accidentally disconnect the system unit or monitor.
Bad cable contact in the power supply connector -Another common cause of problems. The plug could fall off or fall out of the connector, especially if it was not inserted tightly enough. To solve the problem, you must insert the cable back to the stop.
Many power supplies on the case haveA switch that is often overlooked. When you manipulate the system unit, you can accidentally click on it. Be sure to check that it is in the working position.
Broken socket or out of order networkFilter are the other possible causes of the problem. If there are such suspicions, check the sockets. If you do not have a special tester, you can use the usual table lamp.
You can not exclude the situation with the shutdownElectricity. Make sure that other electrical appliances are working, whether there is any light in the adjacent rooms. Check the circuit breakers in the switchboard.

Problems with the computer

If there is electricity, the mains filter is OKAnd everything is connected correctly, the reason can be in the computer itself. It is possible to tackle its troubles independently only when you are sure that you will cope. If this is not the case, it is better to consult a specialist.
The problem may arise because of the power button itself. Due to wear, it can fail. With the help of a specialist, this breakdown is diagnosed and corrected quite quickly.
There could be a gap in the contact at the junction of the wires,Going from the power supply to the motherboard or hard disk. If you are confident in your abilities, you can check the reliability of their connection. Before doing this, you must always disconnect the computer!
Disabling the computer can oxidize the contacts of its key components. In the risk group - RAM, video card, hard drive. To solve the problem, you need to clean the contacts.
A power supply failure is another possible reason why the computer does not start. The most reliable way to detect such a malfunction is to connect another, obviously serviceable unit.
Dust clogging the inside of the system unit can cause a short circuit. If irreparable damage to the components has not occurred, everything can be fixed with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

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