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Why does my computer does not see the phone

The computer does not see the phone, if there are problems with the connection

Periodically, mobile users are wondering why the computer does not see the phone, and there is no possibility to exchange data.

The reasons may be quite different, since the connections are faulty and ending malfunctions in the devices.



Check usb-cable connection densityphone and computer. Make sure the cable is not chafing and kinks. If the computer does not see the phone after connecting, try to connect the cable to another usb-port of the computer. Wait for a while, so that the system has identified the connected device and configure it properly.


See if the detection icon appearsa new device on the taskbar. Quite often, the computer does not see the new models of phones, and their definitions, you must install the appropriate drivers. When bundled with the phone supplied boot disk, place it in the CD-drive and run the installer. If there is no disk, right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select "Properties" item. Go to the "Device Manager" and look for the unknown device with a yellow exclamation mark. Click on it and select "Install driver". Specify as the search space online drivers and wait for a while until the system does not detect the installation and does not produce the necessary services.


With some phone modelsthe process of finding a new device does not start. Try simply go to "My Computer" and see whether there was not in this new icon removable device folder. Click on it and you will be content to your phone's memory card.


Note that when you connect toiPhone PC the latest version, you must also click on the screen of the phone and remove the lock. After that, the screen of the device will prompt "Trust this computer?". Select "Yes", and only after that the phone will be available in the folder under "My Computer."


Turn off the system temporarily antivirus and otherprocesses consuming a lot of resources if the computer does not see phone. Obsolete equipment and "clutter" of the operating system can slow down the definition of new devices. Also, try restarting your computer and cell phone, and then reconnect the device. The cause of a problem can be various internal software failures, which eliminates a reboot.

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