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Why does my computer does not see the DVD-disk with game

Why does my computer does not see the DVD-disk with game

Buying a DVD-disk with the game, you have to be alert to the possibility that there may be problems with his reading of the computer drive.

In each case it is necessary to understand why this happened.

Physical damage to the DVD-ROM

Often, even a new disc can be damaged. Sometimes they are visible (cracks, scratches, greasy stains and even chipped), sometimes not. In order to check the integrity of the game disc, you try to run it on multiple DVD-ROM drive. If the disc is not seen anywhere computer, the problem is precisely in this data carrier. According to Russian legislation, the consumer may return the purchased a defective disc seller.

Problem DVD-drive

Sometimes a DVD-ROM is not seen because of the computerDamaged or dirty DVD-drive. If the drive is dirty, this means contamination of the so-called reading head, which has a crystalline structure. Clear it is fairly easy, armed with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. In no case can not use water. If possible, it is advisable to buy a special drive for cleaning all types of drives. At the bottom of the disc there is a special area with a brush that removes dust when working with a reading head.
Damage to the DVD-drive can be expressed in a noisywork, there is no evidence of disc read errors or definition computer drives. If you lack the skills, you can make out the system unit, check the connection of cables and wires from the drive to the motherboard and power supply. Sometimes the drive is not always enough power supply unit.
If all else fails, you have to bear anyDVD-ROM drive (if it was purchased separately from your computer), or the computer itself to the service center where the examination will be held devices. It can last up to two weeks. If a warranty case, the repair or replacement of the drive will be made free of charge. Otherwise, you have to buy a new drive on their own or to repair it. The cost of repair of the drive is more expensive than buying a new one.

Errors in the disk recording

Sometimes DVD-ROM may be recorded with a game witherrors by the manufacturer. In this case, the drive will either do not read and will not see the computer, the game will not be installed, or the game will run correctly. To make sure that it is written to disk errors, you have to try to repeat the installation on multiple computers. If the drive is still not seen or read errors, you have to carry it to the seller, who will be obliged to replace it.

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