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How to multiply and distribute their finances

How to multiply and distribute their finances

Money - is the most powerful energy, and it is, according to the basic laws of physics, is in motion.

Money should not lie, do not save, and reasonable allocation of funds increases capital.

There are a few rules that will help you not only maintain but also increase their funds.



Get more targeted envelopes with inscriptions: "Food", "clothing", "rent", "credit payment" ... Think about what the monthly payments you make, and for each flow zagotovte your envelope. Put in each envelope a certain amount - this will save you from unnecessary spending.
In addition to the main envelope rewound in the future, "vacation", "vacation", "car" ... These are the things that will have to save more than one month. Set aside some money each month.


With any profits, whether winning the lottery,returned by debt or bonus, be sure to put off 10%. This so-called "principle of the tithe" used the well-known rich people of the world - Bill Gates, Donald Trump. Suppose that for you this will become law - 10% of the profits set aside in the future fund.


Money must make money. Even if you're not a banker nor an economist, master the basic financial transactions you are quite capable. For example, to calculate the interest on bank deposits. Deferred money should not be stored in a pod, let them generate income even in the form of bank interest.


On the day of the salary can not spend a penny. So you will be able to allocate their funds efficiently.

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