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How to multiply and distribute your finances


How to multiply and distribute your finances</a>

Money is a powerful energy, and according to the elementary law of physics, it is in motion.

Money should not lie, it's not a savings, but a reasonable distribution of funds increases capital.

There are several rules that will help you not only to save, but also to increase your means.



Get a few target envelopes with the following inscriptions: "Food", "clothes", "rent", "credit payment" ... Think about what monthly payments you make, and for each expense, prepare your envelope. Put a certain amount in each envelope - this will save you from unnecessary expenditure.
In addition to the main envelopes, lead to the perspective: "rest", "vacation", "car" ... These are the things that you will have to save for months. Set aside a certain amount of money every month.


With any profit, be it a win in the lottery,Return debt or premium, be sure to put off 10%. This so-called "principle of tithe" was used by the world's richest people - Bill Gates, Donald Trump. Let it become a law for you - to save 10% of profits in the fund of the future.


Money should make money. Even if you are not a banker or an economist, you can fully master the elementary financial operations. For example, calculate the interest on bank deposits. The deferred money should not be stored in the egg-box, even if they bring in income at least in the form of bank interest.


On the day of salary you can not spend a ruble. So you can rationally distribute your money.

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