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How to mount a door


How to mount a door</a>

The interior door is a necessary element in the house or apartment, which allows not only to divide the rooms, create a cosiness, but also to save from noise.

To ensure that a beautiful door during operation does not cause you problems, you must install it correctly.



First, make sure you have all the accessories andParts for installation. Visually check the door and the box for quality. If there are any possible defects or lack of any parts and accessories, notify the seller about it. If everything is in order, take measurements and prepare an opening for installation The door.


Set the hinges on the door. Distance from both the top and bottom The door Before the beginning of the loop should be 20 cm. Mark the places of fastening the loops with a pencil or an awl. Drill holes with a thin drill, to avoid damage to the surface and secure the hinges with screws.


Assemble the box. During installation, level the box level strictly vertically to prevent any opening or closing The door Under a slope in one direction or another. Secure the box with the screws at the location of the hinges.


Hang the door from the side of the hinges with a gap between the doors and the box in 1-1,5 mm. The same gap should also be between the top lath of the box and the door, and also from the side of the lock.


Fasten the vertical riser. Put the pads of thick cardboard to fix a uniform gap between the door and the box. Paint the surface of the door frame and the door with a paint tape to protect it from the effects of foam.


Apply foam between the opening and the door frame. Foam solidification time is usually from 4 hours to 1 day, depending on the area to be treated.


Remove adhesive tape, cardboard pads and excess foam. Check the clearance around the perimeter and the porch. Cut the door lock.


Install dampers, which serve for soft and less noisy closing of doors.

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