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How to mount the door

How to mount the door

Internal door - an essential element in the house or apartment, which allows not only to share the room, to create comfort, but also to protect them from noise.

To a beautiful door during operation does not bring you problems, you need to install it correctly.



First, make sure all parts are included andparts for installation. Visually inspect the door and a box of quality. Upon detection of possible defects or the absence of any parts and components notify the Seller. If OK, perform measurements and prepare an opening for the installation of doors.


Replace the door hinges. The distance from both the top and from the bottom doors before the start of the loop should be 20 cm. Mark the fastening loops pencil or awl. Drill holes with a thin drill, in order to avoid damage to the surface, and secure with screws loop.


Collect a box. During installation, the level box align vertically to prevent arbitrary closing or opening doors inclined in one direction or another. Secure the box with screws in place of the loop arrangement.


Hang the door on the hinge side with a gap between the door and frame in 1-1,5 mm. The same gap must be between the upper bar of the box and the door and the lock side.


Secure the vertical riser. Place the pads of thick cardboard to fix a uniform gap between the door and frame. Paste over the surface of the door frame and the door masking tape to protect it from the impact of the foam.


Apply the foam between the opening and the door frame. Foam curing time is usually from 4 hours to 1 day, depending on the treated area.


Remove the tape, cardboard pads and projecting excess foam. Check the clearance around the perimeter and the vestibule. Embed the door lock.


Install dampers for soft serve and less noisy closing doors.

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