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How to mount profile

How to mount profile

When decorating the walls or ceiling plasterboard must be mounted profile.

The fact is that in most areas the uneven wall.

Therefore, we recommend that you finish drywall.

With the help of the wall surface will be perfect.



First you need to make installation of metalProfile for plasterboard. The frame of the profiles should be installed at a distance from each other. Profile usually secured using direct hangers. It is also necessary to correctly calculate and choose the profile that will be mounted. On the wall is necessary to partition profiles location. Thereafter, calculation is made from gypsum plasterboard wall indentation. It should be borne in mind that the panel does not interfere with the laying of utilities. To calculate the indentation giprokovoy gently fold the panel thickness, thickness profile, as well as the width of the gap from the wall to the panel.


On the wall is necessarily necessary to draw a lineboundary plane front wall, which is parallel to the floor. After this is determined by the boundaries of the frame under the front of the plane of the drywall. Then you need to create a projection line on the ceiling. Be sure to check the evenness of the line using the plumb line. The ceiling should be noted Connect crates. Data Mount guide profile will run points.


Mount the metal profile forgiposkartona provides that with nails on the wall will be fixed suspensions. They should be placed on the line of the ceiling profile at a distance of at least 1 meter from each other. Then you can deal with by cutting the sheet gypsum plasterboard the required size. After this ceiling profiles must be inserted into the slots of guide profiles on the ceiling and the floor. Check the position of the profile in the vertical position can be using a spirit level.


Fastened to the guide profile usingscrews to press the puck. Final fixing can be done using direct hangers and screws to press the puck. Parts of suspensions, which will act on the front plane of the frame under the gypsum plasterboard, it is necessary to bend inward.

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