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How to mount an image in Daemon tools

How to mount an image in Daemon tools

The time when all the information was only on physical media - discs. Develops software to convert the information learned physical disks into virtual images.

Thus, we began to appear images of games, programs, software.

Modern user should be able to extract information from the virtual images.

This will help the program Daemon Tools.

You will need

  • 1) Daemon Tools program
  • 2) The image to mount



Install Daemon Tools program. Use a version of how to later. Otherwise, some images may not be readable when mounting. Then run the program. You will see how it updates the virtual drives. After that, the application icon will appear in the system tray. He looks at the form of blue lightning. It may also appear red lightning.


Right-click the icon. A pop-up menu. Click on the Settings option. There was a small window. Select the tab 'Integration'. Mark all the checkboxes and click "Apply". Now the program can integrate any type of images. This is very important, as is the standard setting of the program will not allow to mount some of the images. Also in the settings you can set the language, autostart, automatic mounting and other options.


Open the application menu with the right clickmouse button. Now select the top-most item. It is called «Mount Drive Manager». This will open a small window in which you select the image for mounting. This can be done using the disk label displayed button with a green plus. After you download the image click on the displayed route. So you select the file. Click on the "Mount". Your image is automatically mounted on a virtual drive.

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