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How to mount a very warm floor

How to mount a very warm floor

Self-installation of floor heating involves a careful study of the safety instructions, installation and use of the product.

A number of errors can lead to system failure. Further, this additional cost.

It is necessary to break the tie, eliminate breakage and re-fill the floor.

To avoid unpleasant consequences in the laying of floor heating, you need to prepare thoroughly.

You will need

  • thermostat, thermal insulation, mounting tape, heating cable, corrugated pipe, cement-sand mortar.



Determine the location where it will be installedthermostat. The wall fabricate grooves for wiring, sensor and so on. The floor must be cleaned, primed if necessary. The surface must be perfectly flat.


A layer of insulation will reduce heat loss up to 30%, so do not neglect this opportunity. The quality of the thermal insulation layer can be used cork boards, etc. penofol.


Above the insulation layer secure the mounting tape and foil insulation. Exactly how and where to mount the mounting position the tape can be read in the instructions.


Lay on the guide mounting tape heating cable. Lay the cable should be with a light tension without major bends. Couplings racesgenderGaite on the straight sections of the cable layout thread which should not overlap with each other and lines.


Install thermostats. Move to the controller power supply, given the importance of limiting the load current, which passes through the standard electrical wiring. Inside lay the corrugated tube temperature sensor. Using the handset is convenient in that in the case of breakage of the sensor, it is easy to replace.


Rasgendercauseway tube is recommended between the cables in the middle. This option allows the gasket to more accurately measure the temperature gender.


After a complete laying and connecting sensors and cables, construction pour cement-sand screed. The thickness of the screed is about 5 cm. Then you can proceed to the deck gender.

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