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How to motivate yourself to self-development


How to motivate yourself to self-development</a>

It is impossible to engage in self-development without motivation.

It allows a person to be as open as possible to gain new knowledge and do not give up when encountering problems.

To motivate yourself, you need to work on yourself appropriately.

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Always keep optimistic, positiveThe mood is rather difficult, especially when things are not going very well. The head is filled with unpleasant thoughts, I want to hide and wait until everything is formed by itself. If you notice this behavior behind you, get distracted, do not let such thoughts take possession of you. Try temporarily changing the nature of your occupation. Immerse yourself in your head in some kind of positive activity. Your task is to for the time being distracted from the difficulties as much as possible.

Be confident

Keep positive thinking important, but stillIt is more important to feel self-reliance. If you are not confident in yourself, your self-development will be slow and with great difficulty, you will doubt the correctness of what you are doing. To increase your confidence, evaluate yourself and the experience you have already gained. Think about what you have already achieved, which can prevent you from reaching new heights. Have you solved problems in the past like those facing you now?

Be prepared for failure

It is impossible to maintain motivation, being notReady for failure, which will necessarily happen. Unwillingness to minor troubles and major failures can lead to frustration in yourself and force you to abandon further work. Know that you can always correct your mistakes and do the job even better than you did before. Remember that failure is an accident. It can happen because of your fault; It is not always possible to take into account everything, but it can also happen for reasons beyond your control.

Think about your goal

If you are looking for motivation for self-development,Always think about what you want to achieve as a result of this self-development. How do you see yourself in the future? Stop being afraid of difficulties, do not think about things that you want to avoid. When considering your actions, use only positive terms.

For example, do not use designs: "I'm afraid that ...", "I do not want to ...". Instead, say: "I'm sure that ...", "I want to ...".

Keep track of your progress

Support motivation will help trackingResults. Constantly record the results that you achieve. This will help you not to lose interest in what you do and find new incentives for further work, your goal will always be before your eyes. Write down all the results you come to, they do not need to be positive.

For example, if you solve the same problem in several ways, write down which one led to success, and which turned out to be not so effective.

Watch your surroundings

Perhaps the main reason you canThe abyss of motivation is the actions of the company of people you are constantly in. If the people around you do not support your desire for success and, on the contrary, try in every possible way to knock you out of the way, think about changing the circle of communication. Tell your friends and family what you are aiming for, say that their support is important to you.

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