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MOST crazy scientists


The most crazy scientists</a>

With these scientists, the truly shocking mind of the average person in history is connected.

They went down in history as people who conducted terrible experiments and put strange experiments.

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov (1916-1998). This scientist became the founder of modernTransplantology. Propensity for the tortures of animals he appeared quite early. Coming from a peasant family, Demikhov still, as a third-year student, made an artificial heart and planted it to the dog. The animal, to whom this operation was made, died in two hours.

In 1946, Demikhov successfully transplanted the second heart to the dog for the first time, and then he managed to completely change the heart and lung system to the animal, which became in those years a real world sensation.

And in 1954, the surgeon presented the world with a double-headedThe dog. During the next 15 years, Vladimir Petrovich created 19 more such monsters. True, the animals created by him lived no more than two months. Undoubtedly, his contribution to world transplantology can not be overemphasized, but these inhuman experiments to ordinary people are very difficult to understand and accept.

Another Soviet "dog breeder" Sergey Sergeevich Bryukhonenko (1890-1960), Physiologist, doctor of medical sciences, creator of the world's first apparatus of artificial circulation.He managed to revive the dog's head. In 1928 he brought his creation to the Third Congress of Physiologists of the USSR. As proof that the dog's head was alive, he hit the table with a hammer. Dumbfounded Soviet physiologists saw that the head jerked, then Sergey Sergeyevich shone his head in the eye with a flashlight, and they blinked. At the end of the presentation, Brihonenko fed a piece of cheese to his head, which came out of the esophagus.

Lived in the Philadelphia doctor Stubbins Firf (1784-1820), Who at the beginning of the nineteenth century put forward the hypothesis thatYellow fever is not an infectious disease. He is so imbued with his belief that it is simply impossible to get infected with this terrible disease, that he even began to put on himself rather strange experiments. He made cuts on his hands and watered them with vomiting sick yellow fever people. He buried the vomit in his eyes, inhaled her couples and even drank it with glasses. And that was the miracle: he remained healthy.

True, Stubbins was still mistaken. Yellow fever is a contagious, terrible disease, true, it is transmitted through the blood. This disease can be infected, for example, through a mosquito bite. It turns out that this scientist did not make any useful discovery and shed no light on this terrible disease.

Giovanni Aldini (1762-1834) Managed to combine science and shocking ideas. His uncle Luigi found that electric charges can make the dead frog limbs twitch. He decided to repeat this experience on a man. His nephew Giovanni was imbued with this action to such an extent that he went on tour in Europe, where the audience was invited to witness a horrific performance. In 1803, he publicly attached the poles of a 120-volt battery to the body of the executed criminal, George Forster.

When Aldini placed the wires on his mouth and earThe deceased, the face of the murderer began to writhe, and his left eye opened slightly, as if the executed man wanted to look at Giovanni. Aldini's contemporaries, who were present at this view, remember when Forster's face began to writhe such terrible grimaces, one of the scientist's assistants even fainted, and during the next few days fell into a real frenzy.

Another resurrector of the dead is a Scottish economist and chemist Andrew Jur (1778-1857). This scientist introduced such concepts as"The philosophy of the factory" and "the philosophy of production." He was an ardent supporter of the operational division of labor. Repeatedly the work of Jura was mentioned in the writings of Karl Marx.

All would be well, but that's just in the story of Andrew JurCame in as the author of a terrible experiment, for which he received the nickname - Scottish Butcher. He took the corpse and stuffed it with wires and batteries. After the current was applied, the deceased began to wave his arms and legs with such a strong amplitude that even the assistant's grasp. What happened to the unlucky assistant then, the story is silent, but apparently, he remembered this experience for a long time.

Josef Mengele (1911-1979) Safely lived to his natural death andHe was not punished for his truly terrible crimes. This "doctor", who studied medicine and anthropology at the universities of Munich, Vienna and Bonn, during the Second World War put horrendous experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz. This creature itself was engaged in the selection of people in their camp. He personally killed more than 40,000 people.

It is impossible to enumerate all that he did withPeople. This is beyond human understanding. He did autopsies to live babies, castrated boys and men without anesthesia, subjected women to high voltage shock, injected multicolored paints into the eyes to change their color.

This creature was of particular interest to the twins. He carried out operations on sewing twins, amputated limbs and bullied them in every possible way. Also fed Mengele was a weakness for dwarfs and people with various birth defects.

After the defeat of Fascist Germany in the war,Mengele managed to flee to Argentina, where the doctor began to trade with illegal abortions. Once, during the operation to terminate the pregnancy, the patient died on the table, and he even appeared in court. He was actively sought by Israeli intelligence "Massad", Josef Mengele managed to escape from justice in Paraguay, and then he lived under a false name in Brazil, where he died of a stroke while swimming in the sea.

Another follower of Mengele is a Japanese microbiologist, Lieutenant General of the Army of Japan, Ishii Shiro (1892-1959). Also, he was not punished for his crimes andDied a natural death from throat cancer. The American Peacekeeping Army gave him immunity at one time and the "doctor" stayed in jail for a day.

He also cut people "on living", special"Weakness" Ishii Shiro fed to pregnant women, whom he also impregnated in his laboratories. He carried out operations to replace the places of hands and feet. Also conducted tests of grenades and flamethrowers on living people. Ishii Shiro deliberately infected people with deadly viruses and watched the process of the disease proceed.

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