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How do most kids calendar

How do most kids calendar

Each nice to receive as a gift something unique, something that is made especially for him.

Especially children love such surprises.

If you want to please your baby, you can prepare for him a calendar as a gift.



Your child will be thrilled whenget it. It is unlikely that someone of his friends will be able to boast of the calendar, for example, with its own image. In addition, the calendar will help your child learn the days of the week, month, and navigate the "Today" concepts, "tomorrow". To begin work on such a calendar should be a compilation of the calendar grid.


Calendar grid - a table of days for eachmonth of the year required. Get it will not be a huge work. If desired, it can be formed independently inscribing it with your hands, or you can download it from any site on topics photoshop, design, etc.


After that, the image with a calendar gridshould be modified with the help of all known Photoshop (a program for creating and working with images). Opening the program, create a file and give it the necessary parameters for a future calendar. The job requires certain skills and abilities. But to create such a gift is nothing special is required.


Columns with place for months at different angles,as well as change the color of both the fill and the most digits. At the end of the calendar works decorate your baby's photo or a picture of his favorite cartoon characters. Place the layer under the layer with the image of months. That's all, your gift is ready, it remains only to print it!


If you do not have the skills to work in the programPhotoshop, and then you need to first learn the basics. On the Internet, just taken a tremendous amount of self-help and the various benefits that you disclose all of wisdom. Spending a few hours of your spare time, you can bring sincere joy to a child for a long time. By the way, the ability to work with Photoshop and useful to create other unique gifts: postcards with photos of friends, business cards, etc.

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