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MOST fun rides

The most fun rides

Amusement parks offer its guests more and more new types of amusement.

Funny and scary for children and adults, they give the sea of ​​adrenaline and positive emotions.

"Roller coaster" - the most popular attraction

"Roller coaster" - a train of severaltrailers, moving on kind of railway. Trajectory path includes unexpected twists and turns, ups and rapid fall, the dead loop. Depending on the construction of the railway "roller coaster" can be children, family, or intended for adults only. This ride is in almost every amusement park. Ride it fun, and it always attracts a large number of visitors.

In other "roller coaster" countries are called "ship on wheels" or "Russian hills".

Ferris Wheel - the world at a glance

This ride is suitable for those who do not likefrenzied acceleration and fall. Sitting in an open and transparent closed booth, you can watch the city spread out beneath their feet. Sometimes lockers are spinning or rocking that gives thrills. The most fun to ride on the wheels of the children. However, adult rides they are only allowed a certain age. For kids there is a children's version of the Ferris wheel - "Sun".

The tallest Ferris wheel in Russia is located in the village of Lazarevskoye, which is part of the city of Sochi.

Catapult - attraction for adventurers

This attraction becomes for many amost vivid memories in my life. It is a two man capsule fixed to two flexible cables, according to the principle of the catapult. The capsule is launched in the air to a height of 50 m and falls freely downwards. And so a few times until the ride stops himself. In addition to high speed, and you get a significant overload. Powerful adrenaline leads to the fact that the cries of fear in the end replaced by unrestrained laughter. Definitely, the catapult is one of the most fun attractions for the adventurers.

Rope Park - for adults and children

The ropes course is not mad ups and downs. But there is the original track, located in a pair of triple meters above the ground, and it must pass through its own dexterity. The track is a cable car, carried out between the trees. Fingered from tree to tree need for wooden bridges, grid, vertical beams, logs, false steps. In adults, the routes used bungee and trolleys. Each park contains several types of trails for all ages. On this ride you can have fun with the company or with children.

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