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MOST budget Portuguese city to visit

Most budget Portuguese city to visit

Portugal - a pearl in Western Europe, but for various reasons it has never topped the list of the most popular European destinations.

Therefore, to visit the country and perhaps a limited budget, we just have to know where it should go.

Portugal remains quiteinexpensive country to visit than the rest of the majority of European countries. With economical consumption per day may take 35-40 euros per person. The room in hostels in many cities in Portugal can be found at a price of 15 euros / person, and put up a tent and spend the night there - 8 euros.


Most Portuguese city budget

port - This city is aesthetically attractive for alltravelers. Narrow streets, wide boulevards, picturesque hills, old architectural buildings, some of which are built into the rocks, large areas and massive old churches - all this is part of the beautiful city of Porto.

Excellent metro system isPorto indicator of revival and development over the past 20 years. A trip on the subway will cost you 1 euro / person and the bus 1.5 euros / person. An excellent option for budget travelers - is to take a free bicycle hire. This service entered the Portuguese authorities in order to reduce the number of road transport in the narrow streets of the city.

Lovers of architecture will appreciate the Porto MuseumArts de Arte de Serralves Contemporanea, and Casa de la Musica - House of Cuban music and salsa dancing as well as grandiose Arrábida Bridge and Ponte de Don Luis, Porto connecting to neighboring cities. Tickets to the museum cost an average of € 12 / person (for comparison - in Amsterdam from 15 euros / person). But it is necessary to know that admission to all state museums in Portugal on Sunday free.

Stunning views can be enjoyed while travelingcruise up the Douro river, its duration is usually 1 hour, but even during this time you will be able to make a large number of photos that will remind you of the beautiful nature of the Portuguese city of Porto. The cost of the tour on the river 10 (off-season) to 20 euros.

As for food, the budget travelermuch more profitable to buy products in supermarkets than to dine in of restaurants and cafes. One such meal in the cafe, located on the outskirts of the city, will cost about 10 euros / person, and in the center - several times more expensive.


Coimbra - A university town with a maze of low-costmedieval streets, many beautiful gardens and parks, and of course, the stunning old buildings in the baroque style. These include the University of Coimbra - the oldest university in the country and one of the oldest in Europe, which was founded in 1290.


To get from Porto in 1 hour by bus,which is cheaper than the train. The cheapest 2 * hotel in Coimbra will cost 40 euros / person, so the budget traveler should see the alternatives, such as the night in a simple hostels.

Nightlife here is always in full swing, andstudent festivals are held throughout the school year. Most noisy days a week - Tuesday and Thursday, and the weekend are surprisingly quiet, because many students are sent home for a week-endy.

National monument of ancient architectureis the Monastery of the Cross, founded almost a thousand years ago. The sights include the old library with a long history, located near the University, Cathedrals Sé Velha, built in the Romanesque style, and the Sé Nova, as well as the Museum Machado di Castro in the episcopal palace.

To modern events include football host the World Cup in 2004. The stadium Cidade de Coimbra.


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