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Mosquito nets on windows: ready or homemade?

Mosquito netting on windows: ready or homemade?

History of mosquito nets has its roots back centuries.

The first versions of this insect were used in antiquity. Then, just at the entrance hung a curtain.

The name of this net has received on behalf of the insects on which in most cases protect.

Now it has already taken root and become habitual.

Previously acted as mosquito netsregular fine-meshed tulle, which was cut into pieces of equal size of the window sash, and nailed with small nails to the wooden frames. Disadvantages of this method of protection against insects are evident - Ports wound tissue is constantly torn itself, and in the hole flew insects. Yes, and the appearance of assorted nets was quite uninteresting. With the development of the industry in the production and installation of plastic windows have become very popular special mosquito nets, which are supplied with double-glazed windows. They quite spectacular, and easy to use, and are mounted securely. However, the skills of domestic masters not stand still, and today they also learned how to make neat mosquito nets. But which one is better - professional or amateur - sometimes find it difficult even to say the professionals.

Species of mosquito nets

Today there are a huge number of options for protection against insects. Grids can be:
- okonnymi-
- dvernymi-
- rulonnymi-
- raspashnymi-
- plisse-
- Dust.

Each type of their dignity and differences. For example, the frame mosquito nets are one of the most effective ways of dealing with annoying flies, mosquitoes and gnats. And besides, they are perfectly suited to any kind of windows.

Mosquito nets on the door to Russia is not sopopular as a window, but too slowly and surely have their place. Today there are several types of door nets, choose from which can be the most convenient. So, there is a grid on magnets. It is designed to run from the balcony of the room in a person whose hands are full, or sedentary person, for example, disabled or elderly. It is a two flaps connected by Velcro or a magnet. When a person goes, they simply merge, creating the whole web. At the same time, to get through this curtain, it is not necessary to push her hands - it is easy to respond to a push from the outside. The second option is similar to the window, just different way of fastening. Typically, such a grid laterally attached to the door is opened. Otherwise, access to the balcony will be extremely difficult.

It is worth remembering the owners of the security measuresanimals and parents of young children. Mosquito net creates the illusion of a closed space, but at the slightest pressure it moves it and can easily fall out of the window.

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Round mesh are convenient in that in itsconstruction they represent a small and neat roll of which is screwed to the frame, and it is not necessary each time to remove and put back. One needs only to roll it. Sliding design is more convenient to care for, as noted by professionals.

Sliding insect screens are installed in the majority of cases on the balcony glazing aluminum profiles. They are great for moving shutters and perfectly complement the design.

Mosquito nets pleats - is the choice of judgesdesigner items. Buy these in the Russian market is not so difficult, despite the fact that they appeared relatively recently. This grid provides excellent protection not only insects, but also on the street dust and fluff trees.

Ready-made mosquito nets

Ready-made mosquito nets, which are commercially availablefor the production of plastic windows is as follows. Professional mesh frame made of aluminum profile, which, when mounted on the box, and which is attached to the protective sheet. The very fabric sewn from a durable fiberglass. Also, further added thereto and weatherproof PVC. As a result, the grid turns resistant, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Mosquito net with their hands

Very often the main argument against the ordermosquito nets, along with a window becomes the product price. On average, one such protection costs 1500-2000 rubles apiece (if non-standard windows and too large, it is more expensive). Therefore, men whose hands grow from where it is necessary, it is able to make such a grid on their own.

The material for the future protection from insects canpurchased at any hardware store. In extreme cases, the building materials market. This grid is called the mosquito net and sells cutting. You can take the net with a margin that was enough for sure. It is made of polyester fibers, which are considered to be sufficiently resistant to weathering. As for colors, you can choose any - such a grid is sold in blue, gray, green and, of course, white.

If possible, get a grid of the same manufacturer, whose services are used by manufacturers of windows. Since the quality of the grid will be higher and it will be an order of magnitude longer.

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The frame for the grid can be made of wood oraluminum profiles. Buy all the supplies can be in the construction market. Carefully connect the parts, based on the size of the window. And pull the net. It is best to stick it - so you do not violate the integrity of the frame.

Further, the main problem is the fixationgrid to the window. Give up the idea to use different studs, screws, bolts and brackets. They just spoil the whole look of not only the grid, but also the window. However, you must consider the mount, which allows easily to set and remove the canvas, while it does not spoil the look of the window. The best option - the use of suspended systems or suitable profiles.

Alternatively, you can make a grid bezkarkasnuyu. To do this, you will need quite a dense fabric and special Velcro. It must be glued along the edge of the grid, and then the entire structure to move the window for fixing the frame edge.

Choose Velcro or glue, which will bestrengthen the grid to the window, the one that can be easily removed. Firstly, it is necessary that the grid is not torn when you shoot it. Secondly, this leaves no traces on the frame.

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Terms of care for mosquito nets

Not to buy or make a mosquito net, andand install it, for it is necessary also to take care of properly. For example, it is required to take the winter to cells not blocked with soot, soot and dust. In addition, it is required to at least 1 time per year should be washed with a solution of warm, soapy water. But dry grid cleaner is not necessary - it simply stretches and loses its protective properties.

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