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MOSKITNAYA mesh on the windows: ready or homemade?


Mosquito net on the windows: ready or homemade?</a>

The history of mosquito nets goes back centuries.

The first variants of such protection against insects were used in Antiquity. Then the entrance was just hung a curtain.

The name of such a grid was received on behalf of those insects, which in most cases protected.

Now it is already rooted and has become familiar.

Previously, as mosquito nets actedOrdinary small-mesh tulle, which was cut into pieces equal to the size of the sash of the window, and nailed in small carnations to wooden frames. The disadvantages of this method of protection against insects are obvious - the wound has worn off, the tissue itself has been constantly torn, and insects have flown into the holes. And the appearance of such miscellaneous grids was quite uninteresting. With the development of the industry for the production and installation of plastic windows, special mosquito nets that are supplied with double-glazed windows have become very popular. They are both spectacular enough, and easy to use, and fastened securely. However, the skill of the home masters does not stand still, and today they also learned how to make good mosquito nets. But which of them is better - professional or amateur - sometimes even professionals are at a loss to say.

Types of mosquito nets

Today there are a lot of options for protection from insects. Grids can be:
- Window-
- door-
- roll-
- swing-
- Pleated-
- anti-dust.

Each species has its own merits and differences. For example, frame mosquito nets are one of the most effective ways to deal with annoying flies, mosquitoes and gnats. And besides, they are great for any kind of windows.

Mosquito nets on the door in Russia are not yet soAre popular, as window, but already too slowly and correctly occupy the niche. Today there are several types of door mosquito nets, you can choose from which is the most convenient. So, there's a grid on the magnets. It is designed to pass from the balcony into the room of a person who has hands, or a sedentary person, for example, a disabled person or an elderly person. It is a two leaf, connected by a magnet or Velcro. When a person passes, they simply close, creating a whole canvas. At the same time, to go through such a curtain, it is not necessary to move it with your hands - it will easily respond to a push from the side. The second option is similar to the window, only differs in the way of fastening. Usually attach such a grid on the side, so that it opens like a door. Otherwise, the exit to the balcony will be extremely difficult.

It's worth remembering the security measures to the ownersAnimals and parents of small children. The mosquito net creates the illusion of a closed space, but at the slightest pressure on it it departs, and it is easy to fall out of the window.

Rolling grids are convenient becauseThey represent a small and neat roll, which is screwed to the frame, and it does not need to be removed and put back every time. It is enough just to roll out everything. Sliding design is more convenient in the care, as noted by professionals.

Sliding mosquito nets are installed in most cases on glazed aluminum profile balconies. They perfectly move along roller shutters and perfectly complement the design.

Mosquito nets pleated - this is the choice of connoisseursDesigner things. Buy these in the Russian market is not so difficult, despite the fact that they appeared relatively recently. Such a grid provides excellent protection not only from insects, but also from street dust, as well as down trees.

Ready-made mosquito netting

Ready-made mosquito net, which firms offerOn the production of plastic windows, looks like this. The frame of the professional mesh is made of aluminum profile, which is then fastened to the window, and to which the protective sheet is attached. The canvas itself is sewn from durable fiberglass. In addition, it also adds weatherproof PVC. As a result, the grid turns out to be stable, easy to care for and environmentally safe.

Mosquito net with own hands

Very often the main argument against the orderMosquito net together with the window becomes the price of the product. On average, one such protection costs 1500-2000 rubles apiece (if the windows are non-standard and too large, then more expensive). Therefore, men, whose hands grow from where you need, are quite capable of making such a grid on their own.

Material for future protection against insects can bePurchase at any hardware store. In an extreme case, the market for building materials. Such a grid is called a mosquito net and sold by cuts. You can take a grid with a margin to make it enough. It is made of polyester fibers, which are considered to be sufficiently resistant to weathering. As for the coloring, you can choose any - such a grid is sold in blue, gray, green and, of course, white.

If possible, buy a grid of the same manufacturer, which services are used by window manufacturers. So the quality of the grid will be higher, and it will serve an order of magnitude longer.

The grid frame can be made of wood orAluminum profiles. You can buy all consumables in the construction market. Gently connect the parts, based on the dimensions of the window. And pull the net. It is best to paste it - so you do not break the integrity of the frame.

Further, the main problem is the fixingGrid to the window. Give up the idea of ​​using different carnations, screws, bolts and braces. They will only spoil the whole appearance of not only the grid, but also the windows. However, it is necessary to think about the fastening, which will allow you to easily put and remove the canvas, while not completely destroying the appearance of the window. The optimal option - the use of suspension systems or suitable profiles.

Alternatively, you can make the grid frameless. To do this, you need a fairly dense canvas and a special Velcro. It must be glued along the edge of the mesh, and then the entire structure is transferred to the window, fixing along the edge of the frame.

Choose Velcro or glue, which will beFasten the mesh to the window, one that is easily removed. First, it is necessary that the grid does not tear when you shoot it. Secondly, this leaves no traces on the frame.

Rules of care for mosquito nets

It is not enough to buy or make a mosquito net, butAlso to install it, it is also necessary to take care of it properly. So, for example, it must be removed for the winter, so that the cells are not clogged with soot, soot and dust. In addition, it must be washed at least once a year with a solution of warm soapy water. But to dry the net with a vacuum cleaner is not worth it - it will simply stretch out and lose its protective properties.

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