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The fight against mosquitoes in the country


Fighting mosquitoes in the country - effective methods</a>

Mosquitoes are a scourge of all summer residents.

They are able to spoil the holiday in nature, do not giveIt is normal to work on the beds, forcing them to wear clothes with long sleeves and tight pants in a hot, fair day and prevent them from sleeping. And how are their children bitten by their bites!

Fighting with these vile bloodsuckers did not escape any gardener, especially if the site is near the water.

Naturally, everyone is interested in what mosquito remedy is most effective and how to get rid of mosquitoes. There are a lot of such for today.

The main rule is that protection should be comprehensive.


Good mosquitoes protection - this is special clothing. Not the one you pick yourself, trying to avoid bites, but the special one, which is sold in specialized stores. For its sewing a special material is used. It "breathes", consists of the upper and lower layers. The tailoring is such that the pants fit tightly to the ankles, and the cuffs of the sleeves cover the brushes. The head is protected by a hood with a mosquito net.

Site processing

Fight against mosquitoes is better to take care notWhen they already vex, but in advance, in the spring. There are firms specializing in the treatment of bloodsucking. They are applied with a powerful spray on the grass, trees, built insecticide. The method allows Protect oneself from mosquitoes For several months.

Mosquito repellents and anti-mosquito lamps

There are many types of such devices. Some work on the principle of killing mosquitoes, others simply scare them away. For example, pretty good insect repellent - special Antikomarinaya lamp. The radius of its action is different - from 20 to 80 sq.m. The lamp shines in the ultraviolet range, attracting insects and working as Mosquito trap. They fly to the source of the waves and perish in the high-voltage grid built into the lamp from mosquitoes.

Mosquito Repeller Radiates an ultrasound that simulates the squeaking of male mosquitoes. Hearing him, blood-sucking females do not fly close. The device operates within a radius of 30 to 50 square meters.


They are different - for open air and for indoor use. The first are the so-called pyrotechnic Fumigators - spirals, candles, etc. When they are ignited, a substance begins to be released that repels mosquitoes. Also from mosquitoes at the dacha you can use a battery-operated fumigator, it is usually fastened to clothes or an arm.

In the same room, everyone who is known to everyone Mosquito repellent, As an electrofumigator. It is inserted into the socket, after inserting inside the impregnated insecticide plates.

There are fumigators, which are screwed inBallon with a liquid anti-mosquito means. The radius of action is about 12 sq.m. If the plates are high-quality, then the device is completely safe, including for children. Of course, there are exceptions - cases of allergy to the active substance.


Mosquitoes on the site There is every summer resident. Therefore, almost all use such means as Repellents. They can be in the form of sprays, gels, emulsions,Lotions, creams. Bracelets that are impregnated with an active substance are also sold. Depending on the composition, such agents work from 2 to 6 hours. The most convenient is aerosols from cans - they can be sprayed not only on exposed areas of the body, but also on clothes.

Of course, such remedies are very effective, but notIt is especially pleasant to constantly apply to the body all sorts of "chemistry". Yes, and smell like insecticides are usually not very good. Therefore, you can choose an alternative in the form of essential oils. Anisovoy oil, tea tree oil, clove, lavender and the like help from mosquitoes. It is best to mix them with ordinary vegetable oil and lubricate the body and face.

Folk remedies for mosquitoes

The best Folk remedy for mosquitoes - this is smoke. Dilute the fire, throw in it dry juniper branches, pine cones or pine trees and enjoy the rest - bloodsuckers will not fly close.

Fighting mosquitoes In the house will have a chance of success if the premisesTo fumigate with camphor. It is necessary to pour camphor alcohol on a hot frying pan and spread its fumes around the room, thus clearing it of mosquitoes and flies.

Also, people who are knowledgeable advise to moisten the face and hands with a solution of carbolic acid (carbolic acid), wheat grass extract, garlic juice or vanilla decoction - mosquitoes do not tolerate them either.

And on the site and in the house you can plant geranium, rosemary, mint, basil and chamomile - bloodsucking people do not like them.

If mosquitoes have already bitten, then good Bite remedy - Soda water, it must be moistened by the affected place. Another perfectly removes the itch balm "Asterisk".

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