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Mosquito control in the country

Fighting mosquito in the country - effective methods

Mosquitoes - the bane of all gardeners.

They are able to spoil the holiday in nature, do not givenormally work in the beds, make a hot fine day put on long-sleeved clothing and tight pants, prevent sleep. And as their children suffer bites!

The fight against these vile bloodsucking not escaped any gardener, especially if the site is located near the water.

Naturally, everyone is interested in, what means the most effective against mosquitoes and how to get rid of mosquitoes. There are many today.

The main rule - protection must be comprehensive.


good mosquitoes protection - This special clothing. Not the one that you pick for yourself, trying to avoid the bites and a special, which is sold in specialty stores. For her sewing a special material used. It is "breathing" consists of upper and lower layers. The cut is that the pants fit snugly to the ankles and cuffs of sleeves cover the brush. Head protection hood with mosquito net.

Processing portion

The fight against mosquitoes is better not to attendwhen they are annoying, and in advance, even in the spring. There are companies that specialize in the treatment of blood-sucking. They are using a powerful sprayer is applied to grass, trees, buildings insecticide. The method allows protection against mosquitoes for several months.

Mosquito Repeller and antikomarinye lamp

There are many types of such devices. Some work on the principle of the destruction of mosquitoes, others simply scare. For example, a fairly good insect repellent - special antikomarinaya lamp. The radius of its action different - from 20 to 80 sq.m. Light shines in the ultraviolet range, attracting insects and working as for mosquito trap. They fly in the wave source, and die in the built-in high-voltage lamp mosquito net.

Mosquito Repeller It radiates ultrasound that mimics squeaking male mosquitoes. Hearing him, bloodsucking females do not fly up close. The device operates in a radius of 30 to 50 sq.m.


They are different - for outdoor and indoor use. The first - the so-called pyrotechnic fumigators - Spiral, candles, etc. When they were set on fire, it begins to secrete a substance repels mosquitoes. Also, the mosquitoes in the country can be used by working fumigator batteries, it is usually fastened to clothing or hand.

The room is used so known to all mosquito deviceAs elektrofumigatora. It includes the socket, inserting into the pre-impregnated with insecticide plate.

There fumigators in which is screwedspray mosquito liquid vehicle. Range - about 12 sq.m. If the quality of the plate, the device is completely safe, including for children. Of course, there are exceptions - cases of allergy to the active ingredient.


Mosquitoes in the area everyone has a summer resident. Therefore, almost all use tools such as repellents. They may be in the form of sprays, gels, emulsions,lotions, creams. Also sells wristbands impregnated with the active substance. Depending on the composition, such means are between 2 and 6 hours. The preferred aerosol cans of - they can be sprayed not only on the exposed areas, but also for clothing.

Of course, such means are very effective, but notparticularly pleased constantly applied to all sorts of body of "chemistry". And smell like insecticide is usually not very good. Therefore it is possible to choose an alternative in the form of essential oils. From mosquito Horsch help anise oil, tea tree oil, clove, lavender, etc. It is best to mix them with the usual vegetable oil and lubricate the body and face.

Folk remedies against mosquitoes

The best folk remedy against mosquitoes - A smoke. Spread the fire, throw it dry juniper twigs, cones of spruce or pine, and enjoy your holiday - no blood-sucking fly up close.

Fighting mosquito in the house will have a chance of success if the roomfumigate camphor. It is necessary to pour on a hot frying pan and spread the spirit of camphor vapors in the room, thus purging it from the mosquitoes and flies.

Also, knowing people are advised to wet the face and hands with a solution of carbolic acid (carbolic acid), wheat grass extract, garlic juice or a decoction of vanilla - they too can not stand the mosquitoes.

And still on the site and can be planted in the house of geranium, rosemary, mint, basil and chamomile - bloodsucking do not like them.

If the mosquitoes have bitten, good remedy for bites - Soda water, it is necessary to moisten the affected area. Another perfectly relieves itching balm "asterisk".

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