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Moroccan style in the interior: choose carpets

Moroccan style in the interior: choose carpets

National styles acclimatized quite difficult in other countries in the interiors, however exotic amateurs often combine eclectic and international in one direction.

They decorate their homes in a Moroccan style, which is known for its bright colors, textured materials and beautiful carpets.

Morocco in Russia

Traditional Moroccan style isa mix of Arab, Mediterranean and African motifs. His love for the restrained diversity, originality and a wide scope for experimentation. In the Russian realities of Moroccan style needs a little diluted, concentrating on his accent, because of their geometric rigor and gently smooths the functionality of the room.

Connoisseurs will enjoy the quiet beauty of a cozy Berber carpets and Moroccan metal lanterns patterned with patches of light.

When creating a Moroccan-style apartmentbe sure to use all the shades of the land - ocher, bronze, umber and certainly rich brown color. Data selected natural shades bright fuchsia, blue, violet, as well as all sorts of shades of green and red colors. Moroccan designers often skillfully combines cold and warm tones, using wood and stone.

Choosing carpets for the interior in the Moroccan style

Large and bright Moroccan rugs usually hangthe wall between the windows, or in the bedrooms. These products can be easily identified by their appearance - they do not have a horizontal line spectrum patterns or repeating a set of similar small items. In addition, the Moroccan kilim rugs missing - a central element of the geometric, which is built around the general pattern of the product. Unlike Moroccan carpets, it has Iranian, Caucasian and horosanskie carpets.

The majority of carpets Marokkko weave wool, dyed with natural dyes, using traditional technologies nodules.

Authentic Moroccan products can be purchased atMorocco and bring it to Russia - it will not be a lot of problems and costs if the carpet is transported contemporary works. But the purchase of old carpets require a lot of money, nerves and time at the customs office at clarifying the true age of the product.
Without the trip to Morocco, Moroccan rugs can bebuy in Moscow markets in eastern merchants products. They have to be of Arabic origin. They need to clearly explain their wishes on product origin, its price and quantity, as well as to make it clear that the engine performance the buyer can easily distinguish from the manual. It should be noted, as traders frequently deceive naive buyers, giving Moroccan carpets for various fake.

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