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The Moroccan and Moorish style in the interior


Moroccan and Moorish style in the interior</a>

It can be said that the Moroccan and Moorish style is one and the same. Since ancient times, the traditions and cultures of these peoples have mixed up, creating an extraordinary fairytale style.

Rich and bright, he will remember you for a long time, and his lightness and grace will certainly place you in the Moroccan style.



The Moroccan style is characterized by highCeilings, arched, lancet window openings and wall niches. Doorways have the same shape, if the door is installed in the opening, then it is certainly decorated with stained glass or carvings.


The ceilings in the Moroccan interior are high, simpleOr decorated with a carved curb. The ceiling itself is painted or painted. Colors can be chosen almost any, white and calm natural colors are characteristic, and from Moors it is possible to bring in the interior bright shades. The walls are painted or plastered. A kind of reception is the covering of walls with small tiles or mosaic. The tile in the Moroccan style is ornamental, bright and unusual.


In addition to the walls, the tile is also used on the floor, itContinues the theme of the walls or is neutral. The tree also fits into the Moroccan style, it can be a board or a parquet. Carved wood panels adorn the walls, often combining with mirrors.


A very delicate element is forging, forgedPanels cover niches, use forging in furniture. And in the forging, and in the carving are used ornate ornaments, geometric patterns. Furniture in this style is made of wood, richly decorated with carvings and paintings. Upholstered furniture is represented by armchairs, sofas, sun beds and all of them with an abundance of pillows.


Textiles occupy a separate niche in MoroccanStyle, it is always a lot and it is extremely diverse. In addition to textiles, carpets attract attention, they are also many and they are distinguished by their extraordinary decorative features.


As accessories the most important placeOccupy Moroccan lamps, their forging and stained glass windows are fascinating. Lamps put in niches, on tables, on the floor, and of course, suspended. Moroccan notes will add graceful vases, painted dishes, hookahs and mirrors. Palm trees, citrus trees, flowering plants and bouquets are used for landscaping of interiors.

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