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Moroccan and Moorish style in the interior

Moroccan and Moorish style in the interior

We can say that the Moroccan and Moorish style is the same. Since ancient times, mixed tradition and culture of these peoples, creating an unusual fairy-tale style.

Saturated and bright, he just stay in your memory for a long time, and its lightness and elegance certainly will settle you in the Moroccan style.



For the Moroccan style is characterized by a highceilings, arched, arched window openings and niches. Doorways have the same shape, if the door opening set, then it certainly is decorated with stained glass and carvings.


The ceilings are high in the Moroccan interior, simpleor decorated with carved frieze. Sam ceiling is stained or painted. The colors you can choose almost any, is characterized by white and peaceful natural colors and can be made by the Moors in the interior of the bright colors. The walls are painted or plastered. An original technique is to coat the walls of small tiles or mosaics. Tile Moroccan-style ornamental, bright and unusual.


Besides walls, tiles on the floor and use itIt continues the theme of the wall or is neutral. The tree also will fit in a Moroccan style, it may be a board or parquet. Carved wooden panels adorn the walls, often combining mirrors.


Very filigree element is forging, forgedpanels closed niche forging used in furniture. In forging, and the thread used in ornate designs, geometric designs. Furniture in this style is made of wood, richly decorated with carvings and paintings. Upholstered furniture provided chairs, sofas, beds and all of them with an abundance of pillows.


Textiles occupies a separate niche in the Moroccanstyle, it is always a lot and it is extremely diverse. In addition to textiles, carpets attract attention, they also differ a lot and they are of great decorative effect.


As an overriding place accessoriesoccupy Moroccan lamps, their forging and stained glass windows fascinate. Lamps placed in a niche on the tables, on the floor, and of course, suspended. Moroccan notes will add a graceful vase, painted dishes, hookahs and mirrors. For interior landscaping uses palms, citrus trees, flowering plants and flowers.

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