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Morkovkina secrets

Morkovkina secrets

In early May, gardeners begin to sow in the ground carrots.

To harvest turned to envy, not a bad thing to take into account some of the secrets of the cultivation of this vegetable.



First of all, check the seed germination,sow 20 pieces in a flower pot. Convinced of good quality seeds, stick them on a strip of paper. For this purpose, you can use the toilet, cut it 1 meter long, 1-1.5 cm wide. As the use of glue paste of the starch or flour.


Droplets Spread glue 4-5centimeter, then distribute the seed for one in every drop. Prepare need as many ribbons as prepared rows in the garden. This method of preparation of the seed is good because it saves the number of seeds in the planting period of time, does not require thinning seedlings.


After sowing of carrots, well, cover paper,so as not dragged birds. Zamulchiruyte bed of humus, in this case will not form a crust after watering. A layer of humus is not necessary to pour more than 3 centimeters, or carrots get horny.


Further cultivation of the secret lies inwatering and weeding. Watering needs abundant, then carrots grow large and flat. In case carrots rise during growth above the ground, use the clumps of thistles. Overlaid vegetables Velcro, they are afraid of rodents.


Loose aisle do not have to, if the soil is good-quality, handle it earthworms.


Harvest, wash it, cut the tops togetherthe upper part of the fruit. Leave to air dry, then fold into the sacks of sugar under the (inner polyethylene clean). Store carrots in bags located in the cellar, in a way it does not spoil and do not dryabnet.

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