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Monster High How to draw step by step

how to draw a monster high

Kids heroes of horror films from various horror stories from the animated series "School of monsters" liked girls and boys of all ages, but because many have the desire to learn to paint Monster High.



To paint the beauties of the "School of monsters", you can use the step by step directions. And for this purpose prepare a paper, a pencil with an eraser and colored markers.


How to draw Monster High Venus Makflaytrep

Draw the girl's face in the shape of a rose petal. Divide it in two lines in the form of a cross, as shown in the photo, in the future they will help determine the location of the eyes and nose.
Draw an oval face detail. On the left side of the line must be obtained in the form of a heart with a concave top in the area of ​​the eye. Draw a keen ear in the shape of a leaf. It should be positioned slightly higher than that of ordinary people. Add outlines curly hair.
Draw Venus Makflaytrep eyes. They should be similar to the leaves. Do not forget to give a look at the amount of aid lush eyelashes. Draw Monster High doll nose and lips in the shape of a heart. Move the arc eyebrows and add large pupils. Doris elements of hairstyles, as made in the image.
Draw the curved line of the place where it will bepositioned neck and torso of the doll "Monster High." Draw the outline of the neck and jacket. Add the required elements of clothes: collar, beads, cut-out t-shirts.
Draw the arm bent at the elbow girls Monster High, Draw your fingers, put into the hands of bracelets. Do not forget about the naughty lock of hair, knocks out hairstyles Makflaytrep Venus.

how to draw a Venus Makflaytrep from Monster High


How to draw a monster high Claudine Wolfe

To draw Claudine Wolfe, to start withmarkup entity, as in the case of the previous Monster High doll. On the right and upper sides, add the contours of the face in the form of the top of a heart. Add to the picture the ear.
Draw an almond-shaped eyes with fluffy eyelashes, small sharp nose and lips in the shape of a heart. Add to the picture the eyebrows, pupils, detail paint over her mouth.
Draw a straight line of hair on his head dollMonster High. Add to the picture the neck and chest the outlines of rounded shapes. Place the triangles along the body that will be in the future lapels vests. Add decorations on the neck.
Detail Draw vest girls from the "School of monsters." Do not forget about the buttons and cuffs. Spend a line of hands, bent at the elbows, as if Claudine Wolfe keeps them on the belt.
Add hair line as shown inpicture. If you were able to draw a Monster High Claudine Wolfe right circle core line brighter and line marking, carefully remove using the eraser.

how to draw Claudine Wolfe from Monster High

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