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MONEY: what prevents you from saving?


Money: what prevents you from saving?</a>

When the money flows through your fingers and can not save money, it means it's time to take a critical look at your financial habits.

Analyze mistakes, your own mistakes and draw conclusions for the future.

The time has passed when the size of insurance and pensionsCompletely depended on the state. Now you yourself must take care of life, property and health insurance, as well as your pension savings. To save money for payments is best to begin in middle age, then to create a solid reserve for the future is much easier.

Postpone on a rainy day every month, toUnfortunately, few can. At the same time, the minimum amount of household savings should be a three-month supply. During this time, you can solve many unforeseen problems - from a sudden illness to a job, in case of unexpected dismissal. The lower the amount of your income and the older the age, the more there must be a stock.

One of the most common mistakes is the rejection ofManagement of the family budget. Not knowing how much money is spent in the family and what, it is very difficult to plan something. Even a three-month cost estimate can reveal surprises and suggest ways to save without sacrificing quality of life. By making order in the budget, you can easily make a financial plan for the year ahead.

Very undermine the family budget purchases on credit. The cost of this loan directly depends on the time it is issued: the sooner the bank gives you a loan and the fewer documents it asks for, the more expensive this loan will cost you.

Use your right to receive taxDeduction for the purchase of real estate, spending on education and health. Be careful with online shopping, you can collect a lot of useless purchases in a virtual basket. Do not keep savings in stockings, but do not pursue high interest, it is better to put money in a reliable bank, but not more than 700,000 rubles, while the state insures only this amount.

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