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MONEY: what prevents to save?

Money: what prevents to save?

When funneling the money through his fingers and did not get to save money, it's time to take a critical look at their financial habits.

Analyze mistakes, their own mistakes and draw conclusions for the future.

The time when the size of the insurance and pensionstotally dependent on the state. Now you do have to take care of life insurance, property and health, as well as on one's pension. Save money for paying the best start in middle age, then create a substantial reserve in the future much easier.

Save for a rainy day on a monthly basis, to theUnfortunately, few are able. The minimum size of the family savings should be a supply of funds to three months. During this time, you can solve many unexpected problems - from a sudden illness to a job in the event of unexpected dismissal. The lower the amount of your income and older age, the greater must be the reserve.

One of the most common mistakes is to abandon theconducting family budget. Not knowing how much money is spent in the family and that is very difficult to plan something. Even three-count costs may reveal surprises and suggest directions savings without compromising the quality of life. Get organized in the budget, you can easily create a financial plan for the year ahead.

It undermines the family budget for the purchase on credit. The cost of the loan depends on the time of its design: the sooner the bank gives you a loan and less at the same time ask for the documents, the more expensive the loan will cost you.

Use their right to receive taxdeduction when buying real estate, spending on education and health. Be careful with online shopping in a virtual shopping basket, you can collect a lot of useless purchases. Do not store the savings under the mattress, but do not chase high percentage, better put the funds in a reliable bank, but no more than 700 000, while the state only the sum insured.

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