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How to moisturize your hair before going to bed

How to moisturize your hair before going to bed

Many women use a moisturizer for the face, but there is a moisturizing night cream for hair. This product is often marketed as air conditioning, which is not necessary to wash off.

Additional moisturizing night means that the hair will not lose moisture.

In the morning they will be healthy and shiny!

If we talk about home hair moisturizers, here is the most affordable and simple:
Hydration - water means. Everything is very simple! If not enough moisture, hence lacks water. Water must be present in the daily care and diet. During the day, drink more water - this advice is useful even for the hair, not only for weight loss. Sufficient hydration of the body will allow night not to draw from the skin and locks moisture.
Aloe vera
By law, aloe vera can be called naturalhumectant and pH balancer hair. No matter what you choose - a gel or juice. The properties will be the same. Add the aloe vera in air conditioners, sprays, which use at night.
Glycerin helps attract moisture from the environmentmedium, without allowing moisture to evaporate own. Glycerin is sold in every pharmacy. It can be added to conditioners, shampoos, hair sprays. Try to sleep a simple recipe: add glycerin to the water, plug the mixture in a spray bottle, treated hair. a couple of drops of glycerine is enough to drop into the water bottle. These include natural moisturizers and honey, you can use honey before bedtime spray (water mixed with honey).
Vegetable oils have moisturizingproperties. At night you can use and heavy oils, if in the morning you plan to wash your hair. For heavy oils include coconut oil, avocados and olive oil. Select "dry oil", if you want to keep its moisture, it does not weigh down your hair, it does not greasy.

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