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How to humidify indoor air


How to humidify indoor air</a>

Often, respiratory diseases, viral infections and exacerbations of allergies are directly related to the humidity in the apartment.

This is due to the fact that in a room with low humidity, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are overdried, and the likelihood of the disease increases substantially.

In each house there are household appliances, whichContributes to lowering the level of air humidity. These include gas and electric cookers, microwave ovens, computers, televisions and air conditioners. In the winter period, heating batteries are added here. The optimal level of humidity is 40-60%. You can measure it with a special device called a hygrometer. At low humidity, people feel very badly, headaches, absent-mindedness, drowsiness, fatigue and reduced immunity.
An electric humidifier will help boostHumidity level in the room. A fairly wide range of instruments is available in stores. They can be ultrasonic, as well as traditional and steam. Traditional models humidify the air due to the mechanism of evaporation of water without heating. The steam humidifier works like an electric kettle: the liquid boils and evaporates. In turn, ultrasonic devices are considered the most effective. The water gets on a special vibrating plate, is broken up into a finely dispersed slurry and fed into the air by the built-in fan.
Microclimatic complexes are attractive because,That they not only moisturize the air, but also aromatize it and saturate it with oxygen ions. Built-in filters can purify the air from tobacco smoke, bacteria, dust and other contaminants.
There are also popular ways to moisten the air. So, for example, in the winter season under a radiator it is possible to put a container with water. You can periodically spray the curtains with water using a spray gun. Regular wet cleaning will also help maintain an optimal level of humidity.

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