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How to moisten the air in the room

Often, respiratory diseases, viral infections and acute allergies are directly linked to humidity in the apartment.

This is because in a room with low humidity airway mucous membranes desiccate, and significantly increases the likelihood of disease.

In every house there are appliances thatIt helps to reduce the humidity level. These include gas and electric cookers, microwave ovens, computers, televisions and air conditioners. In winter here are added and radiators. The optimal level of humidity of 40-60% is considered. Measure it can be a special device called a hygrometer. At low humidity air people feel much worse, headaches, confusion, drowsiness, fatigue and decreased immunity.
Electric humidifier will help to improvehumidity level. The stores represented a fairly wide range of devices. They may be ultrasound, as well as traditional and steam. Traditional models humidify the air through the mechanism of evaporation of water without heating. The steam humidifier operates as an electric kettle: the liquid boils and evaporates. In turn, ultrasonic devices are the most effective. Water falls on a special vibrating plate is divided into a finely dispersed slurry is fed into the air and built-in fan.
Microclimatic complexes are attractive,that they not only humidify the air, but it is flavored and saturated with oxygen ions. Built-in filters are able to clear the air of tobacco smoke, bacteria, dust and other contaminants.
There are also popular ways to moisten the air. For example, under the radiator can put a container of water in the winter season. You can periodically spray water curtains, using a spray bottle. Regular wet cleaning also helps to maintain an optimal level of moisture.

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