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How to modify the PTS

How to make changes to TCP

After the entry into force of the new order of registration of the vehicle, it is possible sale of the car without removal. Thus, the owners can retain the number plates.

Additional features and brought with them some difficulties.

Now, if there are any changes that have occurred with the machine, you must enter the new data in the current vehicle passport.

You will need

  • - Application of the established sample to be
  • - Receipt of payment of state duty PTS-
  • - Additional documents on request.



Changing the units with installed licensesigns will entail the following steps. Faced with the replacement chassis, body and engine, contact the traffic police. Apply for the passage of the inspection vehicle inspector. Receipt of payment. After inspecting the car, you will issue a new certificate of registration, make necessary changes to the TCP, as amended, the license plate of a unit.


When you change the color of body write a statementa standard pattern. If the vehicle is not in motion, let the traffic police that need to pass inspection at the place of the car's location. Once the inspection act, TCP relevant information about changing the color of the car will be introduced. Receipt of payment for the issuance of the certificate of registration of the vehicle.


If you want to make fundamental changes in thecar (engine replacement engine more power, a change in the body non-identical), contact the traffic police at the place of registration of the vehicle. Apply on Amendments to the car and the technical means of a passport.


After consideration of the application by decisionInspector may be appointed an independent expert to evaluate. If the decision is positive, please contact a specialized service that is licensed to perform such work. On completion of the modernization write a statement about the passage of inspection inspector TC. After the inspection you will issue a new certificate of registration and make changes in the vehicle registration document.

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