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MODERN projects of wooden houses


Modern designs of wooden houses</a>

Despite the fact that modern technologyAre developing with great speed and constantly appearing all new materials, the classics of suburban housing construction still remain in demand, namely, a cottage built of natural wood.

Advantages of wooden houses

Traditions of wooden housing construction do notOne thousand years. In the period of general industrialization, the emergence of concrete and foam blocks, wood as a material for the construction of houses has receded into the background. However, it did not disappear at all. This material was often used in the construction of baths and dachas. Today, a wooden house or, as it is also called, a log house, is experiencing its second birth. The reason was the emergence of new methods of construction and wood processing technologies. Thanks to this, you can now easily build a strong country house that will serve you for many years.

Private wooden house is now fashionableA tendency, however, it is important to remember the practicality that such houses possess. First of all, such a structure is environmentally friendly, because its erection does not entail the use of heavy construction techniques. In addition, wood is a natural, natural material. In addition, the log buildings have unique thermal insulation properties. Thanks to this you can save considerably on heating the premises. And, of course, a private wooden structure does not require additional interior decoration. After all, the wooden walls look very nice and aesthetic, so they can serve as an excellent basis for your interior.

It is rather difficult to build such a house on its own, and not everyone can do it. This occupation requires basic knowledge in the field of construction and certain experience.

Modern designs of wooden houses

In fact, modern wooden houses areAnalogues of a simple Russian hut. But modern execution makes these residential buildings very original and even amazing. Still, looking at such a scale, magnificence, unusual look and complexity of work, it is very difficult not to be surprised.

To date, companies involved inThe construction of wooden houses, are able to offer their clients a huge variety of options for projects of houses made of wood. Depending on the wealth and taste, you can find the ideal plan for the construction of a wooden house: original and interesting.

Among the varieties of wooden houses distinguish two main: houses of timber and houses from logs.

Under the structure of the bar, professionals recommendTo do the ribbon foundation. The beam itself can be treated with a plane, both inside and out. True, this will entail additional costs. The beam for the walls of this house can be used in various sizes. It is possible to use logs of round or manual cutting. All these nuances are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and desires.

The log structure is also usuallyStrip foundation is used. Logs can be additionally processed by a shawl or a plane. For walls, the same materials can be used, as for houses made of timber.

All individual questions regarding the projectConstruction of a wooden house, are usually solved with designers, engineers and masters of companies specializing in such work. They will help their clients choose the most suitable option, draw up the project and calculate the final cost of construction.

All projects combine the use of one andThe same material - wood. In various sources you can find a lot of information about this property of wood, such as environmental friendliness. But not everyone knows that a wooden house allows its owner to significantly and economically save the budget. It sounds strange, because such buildings are usually referred to the segment of the most expensive construction. Nevertheless, this is so. Judge for yourself: a house made of rounded logs does not require additional use of facade materials, additional insulation or interior decoration of walls. The tree, possessing high aesthetic properties, also perfectly retains heat.

Any modern wooden house projectStructure, one way or another, but continues the long tradition of Russian architecture. It was the forest that remained unchanged "the centuries-old setting of Russian life." It was the tree of the ancestors who used in their first experience of construction in pagan times.

As is known, "Belokamennaya" (Moscow) was also 90% covered with wooden houses and farmsteads. However, like the whole medieval Rus.

And, if you look at the modern logFrame house, you can see in it individual elements that resemble an ancient Russian hut. Horizontally laid logs, joined at the corners by cutting, form a frame. This is how the huts were built in Russia. This technology is maintained to this day. True, now such houses are being built, but in those far, right up to Peter's times, they were "chopped off". Strictly speaking, this is the origin of the originally Russian name of this structure - "log house". The fact is that this term was considered more plausible and fully consistent with the process of creating a dwelling using an ax alone. Undoubtedly, progress on the spot is not worth it. Therefore, with respect to modern wooden cottages, the word "hut" is not quite correct to use. It will sound just like a beautiful metaphor.

Most of the projects of modern woodenHouses provides for the living of people in maximum comfort. Therefore, each version of the project has the most complete set of all kinds of amenities. In favor of such dwellings, people who are oriented toward the family lifestyle, who value a healthy atmosphere, comfort and modern comfort level, usually make their choice. If you are a person striving for positive emotions, a harmonious relationship with loved ones and unity with the outside world, then a wooden country house will be your best option. After all, only wood is the most attractive material in this respect. The only one, gifted by Mother Nature herself, alive, able to create in the house a unique aura of warmth, care, family and coziness.

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