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Modern projects of wooden houses

Modern designs of wooden houses

Despite the fact that modern technologyare developing at great speed and constantly bring new materials, demand remains a classic suburban housing - namely, the house, built of wood.

Advantages of wooden houses

Tradition wooden housing has more thanone thousand years. In the same period the general industrialization, the emergence of concrete and foam concrete blocks, wood as a material for building houses faded into the background. However, it did not disappear entirely. This material is often used in the construction of baths and villas. Today, wooden house, or, as it is called, log cabin, is experiencing a rebirth. The reason was the emergence of new methods of construction and wood processing technologies. This is now possible to easily build a solid country house, which will serve you for many years.

Private wooden house is now fashionabletrend, however, it is important to bear in mind the usability, which have such houses. First of all, such a structure is environmentally friendly, because its construction does not involve the use of heavy construction equipment. In addition, the wood - a natural, natural material. In addition, the log cabins have unique thermal insulation properties. Because of this, you can significantly save on heating buildings. And, of course, a private wooden structure does not require additional finishing. For wooden walls look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, so that can serve as an excellent platform for your interior.

Build yourself a house is quite difficult and afford not to everyone. This activity requires a basic knowledge of the construction and some experience.

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Modern designs of wooden houses

In fact, modern wooden houses areRussian analogues simple hut. But the modern design make these dwellings is very original and even dazzling. Still, looking at such a scale, the splendor, custom look and complexity of the work, it is very difficult not to wonder.

Today, companies thatconstruction of wooden houses, are able to offer our customers a wide variety of great options for projects of wooden houses. Depending on the wealth and taste, you can find the perfect plan for themselves the construction of wooden houses: an original and interesting.

Among the varieties of wooden houses are two main: home from a bar and the house from logs.

Under the structure of the timber professionals recommendto make a strip foundation. Sam timber can be processed a plane, both inside and outside. However, this would entail additional costs. Bruce wall of the house can be used in different sizes. Perhaps the use of rounded logs or manual cutting. All these nuances are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and desires.

Under the log structure is also commonlyused strip footing. The logs can be further processed or scraper plane. For walls can be used the same materials as for the houses of timber.

All individual issues related to the projectconstruction of wooden houses, are usually solved with the designers, engineers and craftsmen companies that specialize in such work. They help their customers to choose the most suitable option, will draft and calculate the final cost of construction.

All the projects are united by the use of thethe same material - wood. In various sources you can find lots of information about such properties of wood as environmentally friendly. But not everyone knows that the wooden house allows its owner also significantly save the budget. It sounds strange, because such buildings are usually attributed to a segment of the most expensive construction. Nevertheless, it is. Judge for yourself: the house made of logs do not require the additional use of facade materials, additional insulation or interior walls. Wood having high aesthetic properties, even great at trapping heat.

Any modern wooden house projectsthe structure, one way or another, but continues a long tradition of Russian architecture. This forest was unchanged, "the centuries-old Russian life situation." That tree ancestors used in his first experience of building another in pagan times.

As you know, "white stone" (Moscow) was also 90% built up wooden houses and farmsteads. However, like the rest of the medieval Rus.

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And, if you look at a modern logframe house, it can be seen in the individual elements of it, reminiscent of the ancient Russian hut. The horizontal position of the beam connected by notching the corners to form a frame. That's hut built in Russia. This technology adhere to the present day. However, now it is building such houses, as in those days, until Peter's, the time of their "cut". Strictly speaking, hence originates native Russian name of the building - "frame". The fact that this term was considered more believable and entirely appropriate process to create homes with only one ax. Undoubtedly, progress does not stand still. Therefore, in relation to modern wooden cottages word "hut" use is not entirely correct. It sounds just like a beautiful metaphor.

Most modern wood projectshouse provides accommodation of people in maximum comfort. Therefore, each version of the project has the full range of all kinds of amenities. In favor of such dwellings are usually people make their choice, family-oriented lifestyle, who value a healthy atmosphere in the house, a cosiness and modern comfort. If you are a person who seeks to positive emotions, harmonious relationships with family and unity with the surrounding world, the wooden country house will be the best option for you. After all, only wood is the most attractive in this material plane. The only bestowed by Mother Nature itself, alive, able to create in the house a unique aura of surprising warmth, caring, family and comfort.

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