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MODERN alternative to paint sprayer


There are a lot of types of painting equipment today. And it is not necessary that these will be traditional brushes and rollers.

Today, for a more even coloring (especially,If we are talking about large planes) paint sprayers are more often used. They are easy to manage and able in a matter of seconds to give an even color to the car and the house.

However, progress does not stand still, and modern equipment manufacturers offer an excellent alternative to a paint sprayer - an electric sprayer.

The spray gun is actively used all over the world, onAll construction sites. However, to ensure that the result you can achieve with it, you are only happy, you need to correctly choose the model of the device. To do this is not so difficult, because experts have long developed a number of recommendations, which should be paid attention when searching for an electric spray gun.

Electric spray gun: features

So, the replacement of the paint spray gun - the spray gun -This device, which contributes to a more even application of paint on the surface, does not leave any roughness and contributes to tangible savings in the work process. Today, there are three main types of spray guns on the market. It:
- electric-
- mechanical-
- pneumatic.

The most modern in this list areElectric, because they are most convenient to operate and much more powerful than other types. In addition, spray guns are still usually divided in size and scope of use. Usually it is allocated:
- industrial-
- household.

The first option is usually used at largeProduction. This is due to the fact that they have a fairly high capacity. As a result, such spray guns cope with their work an order of magnitude faster. Usually, such devices are usually larger than compact models, so in everyday life it is extremely inconvenient to use them.

Household options perfectly cope with their task in a small field of application. Especially good are such spray guns for working on hard-to-reach places and corners.

Electrospray is an excellent option. Providing high-quality application and paint, and anti-corrosion coating (in those cases where it is required to paint the surface with a special solution). The device is as follows. The spray gun has a container in which the painting solution is usually located, and this device also has a special piston pushing the paint outwards. The movements of the piston lead to absorption of the dye material from a special container (vessel) into the cylinder chamber. The paint passes a special filter while doing this. Naturally, the electric spray gun should have a socket, through which it will be connected to the electrical network. Also, such a device usually has a special regulator, which helps to dose the paint and contributes to a significant saving of consumables.

It should be borne in mind that before each use it is necessary to check the integrity of the parts, as well as how closely they are connected together.

Also in the kit can go different brushes. They are necessary for cleaning both the spray gun itself and its parts after use. There is also a special lubricant that helps maintain the device in working order and does not contain silicone, which allows it to contact the paint without problems. The instrument viscometer helps to determine the viscosity of paint or varnish. This function contributes to a more even coloration, since if necessary, the paint can be made more liquid. In the kit there is usually also a key, which allows you to quickly disassemble and assemble the device. The tank of a household spray gun is small - about a quarter of a liter. However, do not get upset because of this small size. This is a significant advantage on the contrary, especially when washing the tank after use. According to the feedback of people using such devices, finding parts that are out of order is not a problem. They can be purchased either in any construction market or ordered online.

Experts recommend before buyingCarefully read the accompanying documentation. There is usually prescribed the whole equipment of the device. If suddenly something is not provided, you can immediately purchase the missing.

Manufacturers of spray guns

Models of electric spray guns from variousManufacturers in the market very, very much. However, experienced experts and foremen recommend choosing those producers that have a world name and an unblemished reputation in the world of construction. After all, it is precisely the famous brands that strive to make their products as convenient and useful as possible. Of the known brands are commonly called Grago, Bosch, Wagner, etc. Today they offer several different fashionable and high-quality versions of spray guns.

High-pressure spray guns work so that inside they paint is typed with a lot of pressure, but the pressure decreases to the outlet. This contributes to a more accurate and soft coloration.

Low-pressure guns consume less air than those that have high pressure. In this regard, it is possible to notice a tangible saving of paint and varnish.

The mid-pressure spray gun is the most efficient model due to a more even distribution of pressure inside the device.

When choosing an electric spray gun, pay attention toSize of the nozzle. So, for example, the smaller the graininess of a paint, the smaller the nozzle diameter should be. If you compare, then for acrylic paint enough injectors size of 1.5 mm, but for liquid shtapevki need already a nozzle of at least 2 mm. In this regard, it is desirable to purchase an additional and replaceable set of attachments.

Cost of electric gun

The pricing of spray guns is directly affectedAnd the technical characteristics of the device, and its appearance, and the convenience of its operation. The average price for a good spray gun on average ranges from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. Of course, there are models and more expensive. But those that are in the specified price range are quite good at coping with their duties.

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