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Mocktails for kids

Non-alcoholic cocktails for kids

Cocktails for kids - a great way to surprise the younger guests at any celebration.

Cocktail is a storehouse of vitamins, cook them on the basis of syrups, natural juice, milk.

Especially memorable holiday cocktails prepared with the addition of ice-cream or fresh berries decorate drinks with umbrellas and straws.

currant cocktail
- 100 ml kefira-
- 50 ml krasnosmorodinovogo soka-
- 50 ml of blackcurrant soka-
- Fresh yagody-
- 10 g sugar pudry-
- Ice.
Whisk the yogurt and juices using a mixer, add the icing sugar and mix. Pour the drink into a glass, add a few ice cubes of food and berries black and red currants for decoration.
Raspberry cocktail
- 100 ml of chilled slivok-
- 50 ml of raspberry siropa-
- 50 g fresh maliny-
- 20 g of powdered sugar.
Using a mixer, beat raspberry juice, cream and powdered sugar. Pour into prepared cocktail glass, garnish with whole raspberries on top. Serve immediately.
Strawberry cocktail
- 100 ml of cold slivok-
- 100 g of fresh zemlyaniki-
- 20 ml of diabetes siropa-
- Edible ice.
Clean the strawberries, add the cream, poursugar syrup. Mix all the ingredients with a spoon, pour into a glass, throw a few ice cubes. Fragrant strawberry cocktail is ready, serve with a straw little guests.

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