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How to mobilize themselves

How to mobilize themselves

Laziness, fear, distractions, immersionin thought - all these things can hinder our work, and the good weather outside might interfere with no less than cramped uncomfortable costume or lack of motivation.

But time is running out, as the case stands.

How to be?

You will need

  • - budilnik-
  • - Business suit or a uniform.



Fear of failure often blocks the activity ofhuman activities and prevent him to manifest itself in the business mainstream. The reason for that - once received a negative experience, incorrect installation, etc. Here it is useful to recall the adage: "Afraid of wolves - in the woods not to go." Fear of failure sets the stage for your excuses and justify idleness, but to reach the goal can only one who sees the light at the end of the tunnel, not just the surrounding darkness. Cease to amuse their uncertainty, constantly going over in my head my fears and just get busy. Do not be afraid to set goals and move towards them, do not be afraid to make a mistake or do not perform any of the plans. Perhaps, at some point you will discover the path that should go further.


It is unlikely that you will be able to mobilize itself, if youengaged in business that secretly hate and despise. When a person is passionate and loves his job, he does not even have to make an effort for self-motivation. Maybe you should look for your favorite activity, in which you would be able to realize themselves? Try your hand at something new, at least for a change.


Constantly remind yourself why you are doingthis or that work, what the ultimate goal behind it (for you and for others). Awareness of the importance and usefulness of their own efforts to mobilize you and to spur achievements. Not seeing the meaning of the activity, you will be more likely to look for reasons to otlynut from work than how to pull myself together, and to quickly and accurately to do everything.


Maximum eliminate all distractions andirritating factors. Stop the chatter with colleagues, turn off your phone, close the page with the social. networks put things in order on the table. To work in a neat and clean space is usually more comfortable and easier than in the middle of the mess Ogryzkov apple and candy wrappers.


Pay attention to your appearance when youYou are at work. Be aware of feedback, not only creates a good mood smile, but the smile on the face can cause a good mood you and others. And make an effort to smile, and each is capable of. What can you do to mobilize, so wear it neat clean business suit, setting up a working mood, and instead to "demotivate" his colleagues sour and sad view, tighten and make at least a concentrated expression on his face.


Finally, to do the work surely,You can use a little trick. Pick up Service and slide it to 15 minutes, giving himself the installation at this time to do the job, no matter what without distraction, without criticizing itself and not thinking about how well you do it. Undue perfectionism sometimes great inhibits workflow. As soon as the bell alarm clock, take a short break. Yes, regular complete rest for further productive work is also very important, as we should not forget.

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