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How to mobilize yourself


How to mobilize yourself</a>

Laziness, fears, distractions, immersionIn their thoughts - all these things can interfere with our work, and the good weather outside the window can interfere with nothing less than a tight uncomfortable suit or lack of motivation.

But the timing is tight, but it's worth it.

How to be?

You will need

  • - alarm clock-
  • - business suit or uniform.



Fear of failure often blocks an activeMan's activity and prevents him from showing himself in business. The reason is that once obtained negative experience, wrong settings, etc. It is useful to recall the saying: "Do not be afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest". Fear of failing creates the groundwork for your excuses and justification for idleness, but only those who see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not just the surrounding darkness, will be able to reach the goal. Stop ceasing your insecurity, ceaselessly picking your fears in your head and just starting to act. Do not be afraid to set goals and move in their direction, do not be afraid to make a mistake or not to fulfill one of the planned plans. Perhaps, at some point you will open a path, which should go further.


It is unlikely that you will be able to mobilize yourself if youBusy with a thing that on the sly hate and despise. When a person is passionate and loves his work, he does not even have to make efforts for his own motivation. Maybe you should look for your favorite pastime in which you could realize yourself? Try yourself in something new, at least for a change.


Always remind yourself what you are doingThis or that work, what is the ultimate goal behind it (for you and for others). Awareness of the importance and need for your own efforts will mobilize you and spur you to achievements. If you do not see the meaning of your activity, you will probably look for reasons to get away from work, rather than ways to get yourself together and do everything quickly and qualitatively.


As much as possible, eliminate all distractions andIrritating factors. Interrupt chatter with colleagues, turn off the phone, close the pages with the social. Nets, put your order on the table. Working in a neat and clean space is usually more comfortable and easier than in a mess in the middle of apple sticks and candy wrappers.


Pay attention to your appearance when youAre at work. Remember about feedback: not only does a good mood create a smile, but a smile on your face can cause a good mood for you and others. And everyone can make an effort and smile. What you can do for mobilization is to put on a neat, clean business suit that tunes into a working mood, and instead of "demotivating" your colleagues with your sour and dull look, strain and make at least a concentrated expression.


Finally, to do work for sure,You can apply a little trick. Take the alarm in your hand and start it for 15 minutes, giving yourself an installation at this time to do the work, without distraction, without criticizing yourself and not thinking about how well you do it. Unjustified perfectionism sometimes hampers the workflow. As soon as the alarm goes off, take a short break. Yes, a regular full rest for further productive work is also very important, which should not be forgotten.

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