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mobile communication services Rostelecom.

Mobile communication services Rostelecom

"Rostelecom" company offers services that help enable razlischnye combination of numbers and characters.

These services can help in the management of account (checking balances, top-up).

It also provides the ability to connect additional services - MMS Messaging setting, call forwarding and more.



Combination of * 102 # and the call will know the balance of your account.


Combination of * 100 * 100 * 1 # and a call to help activate the service, which will give the opportunity to receive a notification about the state of balance after each call. The service is paid.


Combination of * 123 * phone number # and the call"Waiting for Call" provides a service. This service is free. It can be used with zero balance, in order to ask the user any cellular call you back.


If you change the "old" rooms on the "new" thereservice company "Rostelecom" in the form of a combination * 143 * # 9HHHHHHHHH where 9HHHHHHHHH- "old" number. To do this, set unconditional peradresatsiyu all calls from the "old" rooms to the service number, which will be in the sent SMS message. All callers that will be transferred to the "old" number will receive an SMS message with a "new" room.


Combination of * 104 # and the call will automatically adjust the MMS message.


Combination of * 100 * 328 * 1 # and a call to help establish the service "Voice message".


Number 8 800 181 1810 is a unified information and referral service of "Rostelecom".

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