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Mobile communication services Rostelecom.


Mobile telephony services Rostelecom</a>

The company "Rostelecom" offers services, which will activate different combinations of numbers and symbols.

These services can help in managing the account (checking the balance, replenishing the account).

Also provides the ability to connect additional services - setting MMS messages, forwarding and more.



The combination of * 102 # and a call will help you to know the balance of your personal account.


The combination * 100 * 100 * 1 # and the call will help to activate the service, which will give you the opportunity to receive notifications about the balance status after each call. The service is chargeable.


Combination * 123 * subscriber # and callProvides the service "I'm waiting for a call." This service is free of charge. It can be used at zero balance, in order to ask the subscriber of any cellular communication to call you back.


When changing the "old" number to "new" number, there isService from Rostelecom in the form of combinations * 143 * 9XXXXXXXXX #, where 9XXXXXXXXXX is the "old" number. To do this, you must set unconditional forwarding to all calls from the "old" number to the service number that will be sent in the SMS message. All callers who will arrive at the "old" number will receive an SMS message with a "new" number.


A combination of * 104 # and a call will help to automatically configure MMS messages.


Combination * 100 * 328 * 1 # and the call will help to establish the service "Voice message".


Number 8 800 181 1810 is a unified information service of the company "Rostelecom".

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