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How to mix plaster

How to mix plaster

Today gypsum is used as inentertainment, as well as in the field of construction and repair. Unlike clay, plaster, having the same softness during solidification keeps its shape, making it an ideal material for making molds or figures.

But in order to make him any thing, you need it in a special way to prepare for modeling.

You will need

  • plaster, clean water in the pot, a small bowl, a wooden spatula or a tablespoon



Take a bowl and fill it halfway with water. Then gradually begin to pour plaster. We need to pour in small portions, waiting for the order to the time of the next portion of sprinkling gypsum previous one is lying on the bottom. Thus sypte as long as a small island appears above the water.


Now grab a wooden spatula ortablespoon (someone that is more convenient or available) and start quickly stir the plaster in the water, making sure not to leave lumps (which are conveniently crush with a spoon and then stir with the rest mass). Stir sour cream is necessary to the state. If the mass you turned too liquid, add to it a little more plaster, if on the contrary - is too thick, add a little water in it.


After preparation of the plaster solution can beuse. However, remember that after 20-30 minutes he will fall asleep, and before that it will form lumps, so it is best to use a plaster solution immediately after mixing.

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